Some incriminating ChemTrail evidence from Tuscon 10/30/2009

Credit goes to HaskellFilmz . Like he said, commercial jet’s don’t just make magical 90 degree turns, over and over again… And why did the other plane’s contrails dissipate almost instantly?

25 thoughts on “Some incriminating ChemTrail evidence from Tuscon 10/30/2009

  1. 011lifeAdream235

    @nuggz503 it is us citizens that are in the military and all enforcement…Ppl just have to realize that the WHOLE purpose of that was to help and aid US civilians…Not act as if we are future suspects in turmoil

  2. nuggz503

    I’m aware that their is a hidden agenda by our government, but seriously what can we do? They got guns!! lots and lots of guns, and if they run out of guns… they got missiles. I am at their mercy. As much as that pains me.

  3. UnoRaza

    How about the evidence/links/vids that present the basis for your position?
    (Not asking u to prove a negative.)

    Is your position based on the “Our gov is too warm and fuzzy to do something so diabolical” or “everyone knows…” ?

    If “YES” research “logical fallacy, argumentum popularum”.

    Google “Aerosol Crimes” and you’ll find very solid evidence.

  4. jnoort

    Well, I just haven’t seen any real evidence so far, but if you can point me to it, I’ll be happy to change my mind.

    Which labs are you talking about?

    What do I have to ignore, if you just tell me to ‘do my research’?

  5. UnoRaza

    If you had done the research you accuse others of not doing, you’d not have to ask this question.

    The research is easy to do; you have the key words.

    Several different labs, that did not know the source of the sample, would not be wrong.

    Very credible except to the fiercely delusional.

    You have to ignore, or make excuses for, hard, neutral evidence.

  6. jnoort

    What mainstream news outlets are you talking about?

    Btw, it’s funny that you refer to them as ‘mainstream’, as if that’s supposed to impress me or something. I’ve seen a video of a news reporter ‘proving’ that chemtrails contain chemicals. Later he admitted he made some errors in calculation. The original video is still being used here on youtube, though, it spreads between chemtrail idiots who don’t bother to investigate it more critically.

  7. UnoRaza

    Like the multiple media analysis, in America and fresh Canada snow, that found concentrations of barium.

    Hate to complicate your obviously simple view, but perhaps there are multiple modalities.

    Chemical spraying are a fact proven by several mainstream news outlets.

    They were not the idiots this time.

    If you truly are not a troll, and believe the guys that manage wars would never do such a thing study the Dresden bombings from a German source.

    Very Illuminati -ng…

  8. jnoort

    Well, most chemtrail idiots say the stuff being sprayed are chemicals, like heavy metals, not biological weapons like virusses. I am affraid there are no vaccines against those metals.

  9. UnoRaza

    “WHO” is not our job; it’s supposed to be the job of our government.

    The would have vaccines or else they could not protect designated friends.

    Is that good enough for ya? huh?

  10. samsonofjesus

    they are doping this around forth hood texas ,i watched one fly back and forth doing this , they are evil people doingt this .may the curses of god fall on all of them.

  11. Goldcortex

    aloha. info outta austria, vienna! Chemtrailed heavy from 20th till 30th november. I even caught a small aircraft sprayin the bacteria-virus mix on low altitude to help spread it more quickly. Take a look, thanks seattle4truth. peace

  12. thebinger0420

    mao when the govt fucks us u will be one of the one begging the govt for help and they will help alright by chipping and slaving u. go ahead thinking all this shit is bullshit. U WILL SEE

  13. haskellfilmz

    Hey, check it out….some trolls or someone from You tube took all my comments on this original video and Minus them out so none can be read! Check it out on my video. Just happened 11/21/09

  14. MrrMinit

    I live in Germany. People start to see Chemtrails by showing the difference. Not on YouTube, I gotta show them in the sky.

    Go watch the movie “Toxic Sky” (2008)
    This Movie might be closer to the truth, than News on TV…

  15. GuitarJunkie1000

    Been in Phx 15 yrs – used to be clear BLUE skies nearly 320 days a yr. Now after a day+ of these extremely high flying planes, & the spiderweb clouds that stay all day, the sky is usually white. Notice how there are planes for days, and the resulting “clouds”, then no planes, and clear sky for days. Why would they stop if regular air traffic? DH phoned the control tower at Phx airport when 1 was flying, then another, while on the phone, made an X, they said didn’t show, so could be military

  16. Briefy09

    The thing is how can people spray others with this shit and what about there familys dont they think of there own children wifes friends there not human if they was they wouldnt be doing this shit im from harrogate im suffering from morgellens disease there spraying nearly every day ive caught some on my phone please watch my upload and tell me what you think the quality isnt good as its copied from my phone from my web cam thanks chris

  17. MAOfights

    Contrails. Not Chem trails. The dissipate at different rates due to many different reasons. Altitude, thrust of the engine at time, etc.

    Chemical dispersion would be ineffective at such an altitude.

    Physics guys. Physics.

  18. Winnipegplayboy420

    good video…..i have been recording videos in Canada since august and man its crazy how many times a day they fly over us. people think we are crazy but were not. we are the smart people.


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