SOUND of HAARP WEAPON IN ACTION !!! SCARY Lights & Noise!! 2011

HAVE YOU HEARD THE HUM.. Does HAARP Make A Sound?? If Not.. Then What is… The News Clip is From March 2011. All the Video Clips are from 2011!! So.. Does HAARP make a Sound? If You Enjoyed This Video Please Share And Like It!!

24 thoughts on “SOUND of HAARP WEAPON IN ACTION !!! SCARY Lights & Noise!! 2011

  1. Dudenorge

    HAARP can actually create eartquakes by creating minor imbalances in the earths crust. However, a tiny change can create an? earthquake..

  2. JezebelFilmsLtd

    sounds like an engine of some sort. Perhaps a top secret? aircraft with alien technology……or maybe it was Dragonborn.

  3. MrMotown2011

    I’m guessing that this is fracking, it could be over a thousand miles away but if they hit the bedrock it could have? this effect

  4. samalayork

    if it? is something you can handle,why worry?
    and if it’s something you cant handle,why you worry?
    the deal here is trying to live with it as it comes more often..

  5. johnnycmajor

    Fuck OBOMBMA , fuck da cops , fuck fema , fuck the TSA , fuck the patriot act, fuck the NDAA , act , fuck sopa, fuck pipa , fuck em? all.

  6. dennisjo88

    the noises? are completely different sometimes but the rumbles that is recorded on 8:00 this video are the stunnished ones..and its sounding ararming if you ask me…l

  7. dennisjo88

    how do you know that he is really in the earth …do some really believe this …that a? demon like destroyer sit their and play with lava …come on …iif some being is coming …wow do sme know that…maybe its a stargate thats under the dome in the whitehouse .,,, or is it a being that is not material can be all kinds of showing up

  8. OneSlimVillian

    megalithic hydraulic piston? drills boaring beneath the earths outer mantel to create depressurized pathways for the return of S’tn the all destroyer. prepare yourselves for the return

  9. daonfpe

    @Jaymystic111 You are right! It’s being heard from all over the planet! Yep! These BAPHOMETIC-LUCIFERIANS are all slowly but surely butting us all out, slowly and surely with their song! THEY’LL HAVE TO ANSWER TO THIS ALL. CAN’T FUCKING FUCKING FUCKING WAIT? TILL THEIR DAY COMES! DAMN I CAN’T WAIT! CHALIS!


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