Space News & Disclosure – Richard C. Hoagland Part 2

PLAYLIST: Nasa lies and deception and the eventual upcoming disclosure of ET prescence on our moon and here on earth

23 thoughts on “Space News & Disclosure – Richard C. Hoagland Part 2

  1. MannySteinerBleeky

    @PrairleDogged – given the on-topic comment I was replying to here – which as usual your obsessed pervert paedo conspiracy feels is your cue to leave off-topic attempts to dominate me as replies – I hope that someday anyone that actually doesn’t know what’s going on re. the whole alien etc thing, can see reflected just in what you are doing online, what the actual problem is and how it ever came about.

    The Borg has more feelings than you and your conspiracy.

  2. MannySteinerBleeky

    @PrairleDogged – oh and also, that is coming from the same gangstalker of me (well known to JewPube etc, they just choose to do nothing to stop it and to attack me instead, as the same conspiracy does at every other website) who got so angry that I mentioned in some comment that Little Britian is funny, that they have posted uncountable amounts of personal abuse about me, using a channel they use my real name in, all because I find some of that show amusing.

    Which he quoted from there.

  3. MannySteinerBleeky

    @PrairleDogged – and here we can see a video showing the extent of the conspiracy just at JewPube here, that knowingly allows that stalker sicko to have multiple abusive channels –


    and here you can cast a glance at the extent of its obsession with me and how it’s allowed to keep it going –


    & then you’ll no longer wonder why the world is so fucked up & corrupt.

  4. PrairleDogged

    Look into my eyes the eyes not around the eyes when i count to three you will be under.

  5. MannySteinerBleeky

    @SpiritSphere12 ‘Humans have a star-trek future it is going to happen.’

    The point is that that is what original humans began with – except an entirely spiritual version, not external technology made out of things beyond your body. Corruption has degraded it to this mess, so corrupt and such a mess that lots of who may read this won’t even fucking know where to start in terms of comprehending what happened and how it happened.
    You’re either meant to be part of the ecosystem here or beyond it.

  6. BudoChild

    @SpiritSphere12 If you think our current technology is any bit advanced you are sadly mistaken.

  7. maczaya1

    those who came befor us, left their mark,, the war in the stars,,,,, may be dusty and beating,,,,, that is what the evidence shows

  8. SpiritSphere12

    Humans have a star-trek future it is going to happen. Who is to say we are the only species out there who has reached a high technology than humans. If you truely believe we are the only ones in this universe your sadly mistaken. Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

  9. shokoraz

    as long as this stuff unifys us humen i’m ok with it, it is also better than the subject of fighting over different religions, but other than that, who gives a shit, we have enough problems to solve on this earth that we don’t have any time or interest for these cartoon stories,we should try to find cures for all these diseases that are keeling us, and these viruses called politicians and where they are taking us.
    sorry but fuck you all aliens and alien lovers(extremists), give us a break, ok!

  10. HappyBirthdaySANTA

    even if you are right dick it’s not going to make my life any better……. so all this is just a brain stimulant……..


    there is no evidence of phobos artificiality .. i did research .. there is totally nothing but hoglands big money making mouth saying so .. if you think there is evidence then tell us what it is ..when you present evidence to his fb page proving he is fake you get your account disabled in return for your effort to tell the truth .. hoagland is a fiction writer with hysterical followers who act like a lynch mob when challeged by facts

  12. WinduChi6

    @JOOODYJOOODY [is no evidence of the artificiallity of phobos]
    You’re going to find yourself eating your own words if you don’t do your research.
    You underestimate Richard Hoagland at your own peril.

  13. cosmicpreachers2

    @jasonharbron I agree with you 100% it is all about book sale promotions and making money.

  14. jasonharbron

    when u think about it other than cremo and some other archeologists 95% of the guests on c 2 c dont have any proof to support anything they say,that bruce goldberg has to be the worstfor bullshit.we all beleive in life out there but thesewankers are takinh the piss.they talk of things that you carnt prove are bullshit but carnt offer any evidence to support it.its all about money and after getting nearly all people account susspended who had any of their shows on so are c 2 c

  15. XtremeDance10

    a real live interview intead of looking at a picture of this interview is annoying.. alex jones has a live radio show why not coast to coast am?


    as soon as aliens appear and talk to us then we will get it in our head … i have no problem with that nor does anyone else .. hoagland offers nothing but tall tales and a way to make money preying on the gullible .. there is no evidence of the artificiallity of phobos or any cities inside of saturns rings … he should be in a nut house … he is entertaining as a walking freak show .. cmon down aliens ! .. we are ready and waiting .. until then its all speculation

  17. rumerz07

    @JOOODYJOOODY When are people gonna get it into their heads that WE are not the only race in the universe?

  18. WinduChi6

    @JOOODYJOOODY [what artifacts ? .. there? are none ,, what robot head .. this guy is a joke?]
    It’s not wise to underestimate this guy.
    You better make damn sure that your comment have merit or you’re find yourself looking like a fool later & also a joke.


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