Space News & Disclosure – Richard C. Hoagland Part 3

PLAYLIST: Nasa lies and deception and the eventual upcoming disclosure of ET prescence on our moon and here on earth

11 thoughts on “Space News & Disclosure – Richard C. Hoagland Part 3

  1. TheRichie213

    With all our tax money that was spent on the wars we could of used that money and went to Mars. Maybe we have already but see my point. If we continue on like this we will never evolve. We need a REVOLUTION!!!!

  2. mzedong001

    How about that people stop talking about there being a free world right now and continue talking about wanting the world to be free…….it´s basically a colonial issue.
    That´d mean that all of the American States are no longer colonies and so on……it´d mean the end of slavery. First you have to admit that slavery hasn´t discontinued in the States……and that has in my view already happened. Admission to that is in my view now a fact.

  3. HappyBirthdaySANTA

    i can just see it now… obama says there is aliens & they want to kill us, join the army & die for the world……. the easiest way to kill off half of the population while they sit back & count there $…


    steven greer wants 3 million $ for free energy but has no device to show …where do you think that 3 million is going to go when he gets it ? do you really think its going to give the world free energy?

    1. Tom Jones

      Greer is a PSYOPS asset and cannot be trusted.

      Whatever you do, do not connect with his group or give him any information or technologies. Your life will be placed in a very dangerous position. So will your family.

  5. Dick Richards

    Hoagland is a selfish, self-serving, egotistical man who takes from others and gives himself more credit than he deserves. Others do the real work and Hoagland sucks up the credits.


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