Spring Equinox Special with James Gilliland of ECETI – Extraordinary Year – March 21, 2012

Connect on Facebook: www.facebook.com Extraordinary Year airs LIVE Wednesday nights at 10pm CST. blogtalkradio.com Download the show’s theme song “I AM” by Tim Bravo: www.reverbnation.com …………………………………………………………. On this episode: James Gilliland of ECETI Ranch (Enlightened Contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligence) discusses: – What his group does on the ranch – His vision for how events will unfold over the remainder of 2012 – The need to raise awareness of what chemtrails are so we can stop what they’re doing to our environment and our health. – The UFO base in Mt. Adams near ECETI, and the long history of the local First Nations people with the beings inside the dormant volcano – His face-to-face meeting with an extraterrestrial from the Orion Council of Light. – His encounter with a heartbroken female sasquatch (bigfoot) …………………………………………………………. NEXT WEEK: Steve Beckow from The2012Scenario.com! www.blogtalkradio.com

22 thoughts on “Spring Equinox Special with James Gilliland of ECETI – Extraordinary Year – March 21, 2012

  1. Kalina Letitt Masarz

    WE can be with them friends but only friends not worshiping on them . Just look what you can do with you energy go on Avatar Energy – Michael Monk . I am putting a lot of energy to write about this English is my? second language but i want be powerful human not dependent on anybody . When everybody will worshiping on somebody again . We need our self people . We really dose,t need people from another planet to do amazing thing with our energy OK Just do me fever be own developer.

  2. Tommy Hawksblood

    NO the Native history is lets all get killed by the white man. Lets keep that secret. Oh Bigfoot , lets bring them in because they are still just throwing rocks at people. I was two feet from a bigfoot too in NJ . Near the vertex. Not that it stopped to talk. Every one tells great stories where is the real good proof of helping? the world. Bring us to a spiritual place – God awareness maybe. guess what NO.

  3. Tommy Hawksblood

    Lets see Native people lived about 50 years in general. They were spirtual eating meat and killing heards of buffalo. He cannot talk about how the Aliens were working with Native people . Well guess there help was helpful????????? 50 million Native people 200 years ago now less then one million still shrinking . Guess the whole world should work with? them and the population will dissapear.
    Why would you want to work with aliens to live where ?

  4. Tommy Hawksblood

    Lets see now we are calling for help and they will help. They know what we think. That men are? possessed by a few things and one is SEX. Do you think aliens are much better. Since the beginning of time even the lower Gods were havingsex with the little people (humans) and now reptiltians have sex with abductees.

  5. Tommy Hawksblood

    Pictures of spirits , and ships how much does it really help? He wants the truth beams of ligth bring them to? him. Up on a ship? Dealing with Beings. Councel of light . Well where does God fit in ? No one want to deal with a real god and love dealing with all the deities and aliens gods. Does anyone realize we are where we are where because of other races. The gold light is not the higest place spiritually to go. He is using a gays info. Read Bringers of the Dawn. This GAY Sean David Morton

  6. Tommy Hawksblood

    Guess James has no clue about Hawaii testing bombs last month. That in Hawaii we have underground bases that go 16 levels down. That two different HAARPS on two of the Islands. Do you? think people are ready to stand against the GOV that is so prepaired to put any one they want in there place. Guess what faires and earth spirits are dissapearing. Because of Cities. Are people going to stop building bigger cities.

  7. Tommy Hawksblood

    People want a disclosure, why do you think they do what they do? It comes to a head?? Well all the people thinking the earth is healed for what. To go back to being farmers which the Native peope were in the beginning. Isn’t funny THe white race is brainwashing the Native people including the Mayans into his illusion he is trying to create. SO there are ships are here . Do you see them saving starving children , children abuse while they are spraying chemtrail around the world .

  8. Tommy Hawksblood

    James talked about his spiritual awarness came from a beam from a ship over his house. He mentioned about a being with a cat head. Funny the first alien I ever saw did too. Not that I ever met a good one or dealt with any person that had a real (((good))) experience. Through Hypnosis not one? I ever worked with will say they did after a deep state.

  9. Tommy Hawksblood

    Michael Murphy, will be releasing another movie in a few months called why are they spraying. He was living here in Hawaii for awhile sadly Hawaii is a testing ground with the chemtrails becaus they are using chem- bombs now, With Haarp here. It is the end MAY.
    So people are ready to stop what is happening really ? Hawaii is doing more? then any other state really. They are having a march around Hawaii next week and going to the court house with documents from the five lawyers we have with

  10. grangersmith

    Dude (BBZM) you must be blind? deaf and dumb, (stop drinking so much! or watching TV, or popping those antidepressants) all kinds of stuff involving UFO’s is going on daily in Europe, you have got to be joking. or totally asleep, poor poor dude! LMAO! ;D

  11. grangersmith

    Don’t you mean boycott Microsoft and it’s MS networks on the internet. That man is a total thief liar from day one, starting with his stolen windows system. He didn’t create that he marketed his? ripped off os patented it and that’s about it. His entire empire is built on exploitation of others, which is the typical MO for tyrants, power hungry evil people like him. I don’t think the man is really a human being. Him and the rest who are killing us.

  12. Peggy Genoway

    Well, they have been spraying chem trails for quite some time. If this is true-this assault-then why have people not been dying in large numbers? I have never heard of anyone with kidney problems-or genital problems. With no population, you have no tax base….so why would they do this??

  13. GazMysticism

    So are Aliens what they say they are or not? how? can anyone test their? authenticity? some say they are deceptive spirits…..some say the new world order is run by demonic spirits ,some say reptilians, some say Freemasons/secret societies but not necessarily? evil but just a ruling elite of perfected human beings…it goes on and on and on, so what is the exact truth? besides everyone’s separate opinions.

  14. AnimalCycles

    I live right on the east coast and I sometimes see planes flying in from the east, with no trail behind them, then as it gets over the land the spraying will start and the trail begins to form as they? continue to the west overhead. I wonder if mariners see these chemtrails over the oceans as well.

  15. g77enn1


    Bill Gates exposed for funding research, promotion? of spraying geo-engineered ‘chemtrails’ across globe.


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