STARS/PLANETS Showing a HEXAGON shape [UNCUT RAW Version] [NEW 2012]

JOIN ON FACEBOOK FOR VARIOUS UPDATES AROUND THE WORLD : YOUTUBE : A video made by request from youtubers, whom wanted a raw uncut version. Just a couple of stars, which one of them are showing off some nice colours and a nice aura. I’m no expert, I’ve just filmed them and made a video about it. This is part 1, and contains, like stated, raw footage. In part two it will be cut, and colour transformations, etc, to see more of the formation on this one star/planet. Not trying to blow things up, simply some footage for those who want to look at it can look at it.

25 thoughts on “STARS/PLANETS Showing a HEXAGON shape [UNCUT RAW Version] [NEW 2012]

  1. ellyzabethxx

    Sorry for any miss spelling I’m sick in the hospital for a month now and it’s difficult to write with? and ivy on Ur Hands. :-(

  2. ellyzabethxx

    Continue: MK ULTRA, so they can pass the law of taking? our rights to have arms? And rush the martial law ? Plz look in to it, it would mean a lot to us and to spread the word. We need to wake up faster and start doing something before its too dam late.

    Much love, pace, and unity!!!.

  3. ellyzabethxx

    Hii chemlin great video! In my opinion I think this starts don’t look normal? nor they look like planets, because the texture it’s so gummy and the fact that it’s changing color so rare. Btw chemilin I wanted to ask u for a big favor can u look into the Colorado killings on the movies? I have a suspicion that the government has to do with this, because it does not make no. Since that this man a year from becoming a doctor and out of the blue he decides to kill all this ppl, doesn’t strake u as M

  4. Stone Smith

    today is 2012 march 14 9.32lithuania near to moon below him? was a few star’s in pyramid form,after 30min me and 2my friends saw how the pyramid become “stick with 3arround it star’s” the form was 100% changed…wth?

  5. LetsBringIt

    I have been observing many weird “stars” the past couples of years, changing coulor, splitting up in two, then becomes one again and so on.. Good video.. =) Peace’n? Love

  6. SkunkyPink

    Anyway I was walking outside this month ” February “with my friend ,and the sky night was clear anyway, all the stars seemed to be shining extra bright this? month .Specially the one I think is Venus ?

  7. revillusi0nz

    no doubt… could be star/planet or by reading the comments here.. sources of light/pixels in camera… but i was also thinking… looks like real time merkaba? ;P, sub to this guy chemlin if you haven’t… he’s got a great collection…

  8. lucky22ish

    I to have noticed a bright star as of 10 years? ago and it seems to be getting brighter and brighter…its in the early morning hours here in California…it scares me yet makes me wonder…

  9. sphericalwjr08800

    The Universe is Teaming with Life in every crevice & corner, there’s more life in the universe than? on Earth in comparison.
    Just as there are multiple planets like ours with similar life in similar myths prophecies and histories as they have a spiritual hierarchies with Jesus Christ…
    Peace & Blessings…

  10. William Nault

    the colors are not from chem trails. I think this is hilarious cause i noticed these to “stars” in 2010 and they’ just getting interest on youtube? now?

  11. Sweetybboy

    heeey but you cheating to me:)))
    i dont playing so.. omg i knew that you`ll gonna check it out in google.. eh i knew))
    but in reality u not a? knew hehe i knew it all !))u see u see and dont cheat to me


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