Stem-Cell Teeth !

Researchers working on stem cell teeth Researchers at UCSF are working on a technique that might someday make replacement teeth from stem cells a reality.

24 thoughts on “Stem-Cell Teeth !

  1. MessiahMews

    It’s the FDA, ADA and other pharmaceutical interests that are keeping this from going forward. You know they make lots of money poisoning us with mercury fillings, root canals, fake implants, dentures,? etc… We have to get rid of our current system before we will be allowed cutting edge tech such as this. The elite probably already has access to all cutting edge tech.

  2. russellhowens

    I have heard that they think they will be able to regrow an arm in about 10 years, excluding the bones. I guess you would need? some sort of artificial bones. So I would think that teeth should be available a lot sooner than 10 years.

  3. Mikey1724

    i honestly don’t believe it will be more than? 10 years, if they have grown them in mice and monkeys (who are the most similar to us humans) then i don’t see why the clinical human trials would not be a success as well

  4. MessiahMews

    Of course, the FDA and the ADA will do everything to keep this from happening, because they make more money by poisoning us with mercury fillings, estrogen laden fillings (Bisphenol A),? dentures, crowns, root canals, and implants.

  5. pterodactilo

    This is great but if I’m not mistaken stem-cells used to regenerate teeth are pulp stem cells, so given somebody does not have wisdom teeth anymore how come would doctors get the cells? Destroying another teeth and extracting its pulp would be necessary and then regenerate both teeth, the one that was damaged and/or wipped? out and the one that served as source of pulpar stem cells.

  6. Mikey1724

    well i am 21, and yes i am missing a couple teeth right now,
    so i? need it along with millions of others, but no this will definitely not take 30 years, they already have grown teeth in mice with great success i might add, they are already projecting to have human trials within 3-5 years so at most 10 years

  7. xzaxx

    i am 20 now. well because? other people need it now, or maybe i can need it in the nearest future. i think this can take 30 years :(

  8. Mikey1724

    why would you need new teeth in our 40’s?
    well may i ask your age?
    because if you? don’t need this till the future then why would you be sad that if it’s in many years when you won’t even need it tilll later

  9. xzaxx

    well i dont need new teeth now, when i get older in my 40s i need new teeth. and? i dont want fake implants made from metal! i want this

  10. Mikey1724

    true, but maybe not as long, i think there projecting to have there first human trials within 3-5 years, if all goes well then hopefully it will be open to all us shortly after that :)
    just? get dental implants for the time being :)

  11. Mikey1724

    true, although it might be best to wait a few months or maybe to hear too see what risks can take into affect here, (theoretical risk of a tumour in the gums from stem cells not knowing when to stop) but once they master this? procedure and limit all the health risks im sure they’ll have human trials soon

  12. Mikey1724

    they are predicting the price to be around the same, but take into account the healing process for a dental implant, along with finally getting the screw in your jaw and then finally being able to get the crowning on the tooth is about a whole year process! while regrowing your tooth would possibly only? take about 6-9 weeks, also implants won’t last a lifetime so in the long run regrowing would be best and cheaper, only good thing bout a crown on a implant is that you can never get a cavity

  13. psychosavant

    Long, yes. But not as long as you think.? We’ve already started replacing organs grown outside of the human body using stem cells, teeth are not far behind.


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