Steve Quayle_On The Alex Jones Show:Chemtrails/HARRP pt1

25 thoughts on “Steve Quayle_On The Alex Jones Show:Chemtrails/HARRP pt1

  1. stybarrow

    consume zeolite and bentonite with water to detox your system. avail at your health food stores or vitamin section of many grocery stores.

  2. GunClingingPalin

    This has a high probability of being caused by the Chemtrail weather modification the government has been practicing on us. They have been saying how it’s so hot and global warming and how they need to chemtrail us to cool the planet… well now they have messed where they shouldn’t have. Bastards should not mess with mother nature… or God’s weather if you like.

  3. Sixalienasa

    @fedtheend It really is a very complex process when I read all the comments on what is good and what is bad with what we eat nowadays. Thanks for your comment.

  4. fedtheend

    @Sixalienasa yes. however in Louis Pasteur’s day there were also very lax regulations concerning the all around cleanliness of milk porcessing facilities and with poor temperature regulation systems,but now with the advent of refrigeration and electricity available today it’s a much cleaner facility, and therefore way less of a need to pasturize and homogenize the raw milk.

  5. fedtheend

    Combined with the gmo vegetables with their poor mineral uptake capability in their dna, mineral depleted soils, and the need to detox heavy metals from the chemtrails via slow chelation, clay baths, other ways,, it’s a triple whammy in terms of us seeking an alkaline ph and remineralization of our internal organs. I heard indium is a kind of capstone mineral that multiplies the effectiveness of other trace minerals, and trace screened humic shale colloidal trace minerals are pretty good..

  6. Renathra

    @mmtot been distributing chemtrail research/petition. now targetted and under siege. chemtrails blackening the sky over the beach. very sick 2 days now.

  7. Aztech355

    Information is always good if you believe it or not. I respect Alex Jones for knowing what he’s talking about and if you feel skeptic (Which is ok) Call in and speak your mind. I do know that micro chips exist and if that happends in my life time to take it I will die before I accept. I don’t worry about it until the time comes, but at least I will know what to do.

  8. ianjacklin

    @MrAugustNidor I never made a threat to you. I said I don’t like you and I don’t cause from your very first message to me you were name calling and disrespecting me. What do you expect? I just find it funny how easy it is for you to be a tough guy behind a computer screen but in real life you are not at all. You are a coward. And why are you fucking with me anyway? My work has saved many lives and continues to. If educating my brothers and sisters is wrong in your eyes fuck you.

  9. MrAugustNidor

    Nothing in this video is correct! These madmen prattle on about how they need proof before they accept anything, but then accept GOD as fact. let us face facts, GOD has ZERO proof. Alex is a wanker. He claims the media is eveil then uses the media to bolster his wild bullshit claims. Anyone that that thinks this guy is anything but a liar is a fool!

  10. MrAugustNidor

    @ttillaart: How tragic! I jostle with Ian Jacklin here because this is where he posts as he blocked me from his page. His fallicies abound. Notice how he bolsters his wild claims with presuming my opinions on 9/11 (a topic I have never mentioned). he goes on about god (unproven and baseless) organic (slight evidence in favour) and then goes on to make threats to a person on a forum. Finally he prattles on about honour. That is what you claim is a TRUTH SEEKER!

  11. ttillaart

    @MrAugustNidor No slander or games but you clearly are not interested in the truth so why do you bother coming on here and attacking others? You demand proof yet provide none. Some of us don’t fall for your BS. Milk is the #1 poison in the human diet and there is mountains of research to prove it. If you are as open as you say soak some up at notmilk (dot) com and read solid science – famous milk letter. When you talk about Cancer why bother when you have no idea what you’re talking about?

  12. ianjacklin

    @MrAugustNidor What ever loser. I told you I don’t like people like you. And neither do my friends. You probably believe what they told us about 911 too. Like I said when you get cancer be sure to get chemo, radiation and surgery. Do not learn about the Warburg Effect. Do not trust in God or go organic. And stop bothering me coward. I invited you to show who you were but of course you wouldn’t. You are not a man of honor. I feel sorry for you.

  13. MrAugustNidor

    @ianjacklin: Ian, you do not even know what you are railing against anymore. You are just a ball of anger. I can only imagine form your bile that you think all of your quack merchants do so for free.


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