Stop Chemtrails – Build a Howitzer (Part 1 of 2)

This is my version of a orgonite howitzer inspired by lofas23s (Youtube Channel) Design. Here is a link to his version It has been 4 days now and I have not seen any chemtrials sticking. I believe this device is doing the trick. It is basically a hybrid between a cloudbuster and a Succor punch: here is what it does and here is how you make one the only modification I made which is what I saw lofas23 do is add kyanite and selenite blades to the sides of the crystal before the wire wrap. I believe this keeps the crystal positively charged. Once done, program the unit by putting it either to your forehead or heart (I did both) and tell it what you want it to do. I did this nine times for each spoken aloud. I have heard that what you repeat must be the same all nine times so write it down. I also played the 528hz frequency while I did this, you can find it on youtube. Then I encased the unit in a mixture of fiberglass resin, powdered iron and shredded aluminum, the wires I encased in a plastic tube so no resin would get in. Then placed a 1 copper pipe (18 in length) over the crystal and poured resin and metal over it to attach the pipe to the unit (heart). Then I inserted the pipe into an upside down traffic cone and duct taped the pipe to the outside of the cone so no resin would leak out when poured- leaving some space so the resin and metal could flow around the (heart) I suggest pouring in a few stages (layers) 3 or 4

25 thoughts on “Stop Chemtrails – Build a Howitzer (Part 1 of 2)

  1. vseae15o

    So ihatechemtrails, i busted some clouds with my howitzer today. Within the first hour, it seemed like it did its job. After 3 hours, heavier patch of clouds began moving faster over my house–this made it harder to bust. So I think fast moving clouds are harder to bust.

  2. lightsabre6

    i find with my cb it helps to pound some Earth Pipes into the ground in your yard. i think they send microwaves over cb’s to shut them down that way, but if you bust all the towers around you that helps a lot with that agenda.
    i think they also will send bad vibes through the Earth to hamper your cb from below, so make and pound a few Ep’s into your yard. i bet it will help immensley – it certainly has here.
    Also plant ep’s around powerstations for SURE, and mason halls, hospitals…etc.

  3. leaualorin

    NOTHING sounds “crazy ” anymore!!! Would be crazy NOT TO LISTEN AND TAKE IN ACCOUNT THE NEW THINGS THAT COME TO SURFACE THESE DAYS! The ancients KNEW a lot of things!!!
    Lemurians were the kings of this planet!!!

  4. ihatechemtrails

    For this device I used powdered iron & aluminum. I read that Iron resonates with the earth better so I tried it. I have used Copper & Brass on other devices.

  5. djayhash

    what metals are u using in your CBs? … you know about the different vibrations caused by diff desensities in metals, IE: ranging from hard to soft Steel – Brass – Copper – Aluminium – Silver – Gold… some feedback dude, i have 300+ devices but im about to build my first CB

  6. ihatechemtrails

    @totakeke On day five the trials drifted into each other and blanketed the sky. I guess I should have filmed that but I haven’t figured out the time lapse thing yet.

  7. totakeke

    BTW I’m only talking about the clouds
    on day 5. I know the other clouds were
    clearly chemtrailed.

  8. totakeke

    I know what chemtrails are, that’s why
    I was watching this video. Maybe its the
    angle of the camera or the quality of
    the picture but those clouds just looked
    like normal rainclouds to me. How do
    you know they were fake? Do they look
    a lot different than normal rainclouds?

  9. ihatechemtrails

    I am not against naturally occurring clouds, I am against the aerosol spraying program and their fake clouds. They are called chemtrails, the name of the video should have tipped you off to that. Do some research on chemtrails and then make an intelligent comment. I find it very strange that you are familiar with orgonite but not with chemtrails. thanks for this breaking news: “Plants need water. PEOPLE need water. We’d literally die if we didn’t have a cloudy day every once in a while.” lol

  10. totakeke

    Um… there are supposed to be clouds in the sky from time to time…. How else would it rain? Plants need water. PEOPLE need water. We’d literally die if we didn’t have a cloudy day every once in a while

    I’m all for orgonite but not at the expense of common sense. I just couldn’t help laughing when you were complaining about the clouds on day 5.

  11. saucertube

    man you are fucking pissed at those skies. haha. i just got some orgonite and froze water in a cup over it like i saw in some other picture. sure nuff, a vortex was going straight toward the orgonite, which was off centered.

  12. lleidainmortal

    I make orgonites with my hands and hide them with my hands too lol

    I would love to know how to be a non phusical giftear but I don’t know lol

  13. COAKD1

    ..does promote or provide any continuation of fear, hate, anger, worry, lust, greed, then “they” pick it up almost instantly. Solution? Good question! I advise you to try and reform all your thoughts, memories, beliefs, emotions, imagination, sense into more oneness. This is more than love, peace, harmony. It’s beyond loving & caring. Oneness can not be explained, only experience. That is how I stopped the helicopters, psychic attacks, dark tinted vehicles from being attracted to me.

  14. COAKD1

    After reviewing this video I found some interesting perspectives. 1) Your desire is definitely to gift the physical world, especially around your local area. 2) “They” (meaning black helicopters and other beings) are expert low frequency hunters and low frequency reformers. It begins by any part of your whole being putting out a powerful low frequency (either fear, hate, anger, worrying or what ever). NO, I’m not saying that you are “low frequency”! But if there is any part of you that…

  15. COAKD1

    Are you a physical or non-physical gifter? Physically making orgone devices or physically gifting is “physical”. Non-physical is like astral and remote influencing. Or do you do both? Actually you are doing both, but according to our upside down reality which we create (being) your actually doing both gifting. Just curious and sorry for sounding confusing.

  16. imagicination

    fucking good ; )
    thanks for sharing
    we need more of them, if we want to survive this
    heavy speaying here in germany,too

  17. eyeOOsee

    And, uh, sorry about my OWN rant. I just REALLY needed to let it out. The folks around me get more pissed at me ranting on, than they do about the chemtrails! Can you believe that? And I don’t rant out loud anywhere near what I wrote. Well, not always.
    Thankyou again.
    Oh, and VERY interesting what you wrote under the ‘more info’! wow.

  18. eyeOOsee

    PS. Could you Please make a ten minute video ranting and swearing so I don’t feel so alone. I am NOT joking. By blasting my audio while you expressed your anger, it did A LOT to bring my OWN blood pressure down. (as you know the barium toxicity from chemshit fallout DOES increase B/P). Imagine one looong, furious, obscene rant-on about chemtrails. You could make money by making and selling DVD’s. And I’d be the 1st one to buy a dozen make a company of it-a new record label “ChemHaters United”!

  19. eyeOOsee

    Dear fellow chemtrail hater,
    I wish to GOD you were my neighbor!! There is NO ONE around me that seems to be fkn MAD AS HELL, as you so eloquently expressed yourself on day 5. I appreciate your honesty, but even more I APPRECIATE YOUR UNINHIBITED EXPRESSION OF HATERED AND ANGER ABOUT THE FKN THINGS!!!! How the FK do people go around and not FKN ever look up!!! What the hell is wrong with these people?? WHY, OH WHY CAN’T PEOPLE BE AS PISSED OFF AS YOU?!?!…..and me. Thankyou, sir, thankyou.


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