Stop Chemtrails NOVEMBER RAIN vid response. Guns n Roses

Hate Chemtrails? see the LibranEsq channel. .

10 thoughts on “Stop Chemtrails NOVEMBER RAIN vid response. Guns n Roses

  1. peacedreamerable

    @peacedreamerable Oh right, was just wondering as I suppose I do care. If I was to know they were not dropping out the sky in one load ,on a school perhaps or a highly occupied area,I would feel better as you could control where they drop more and go to the trails rather than wait for them to come to you. (here on the coast they spray before the towns and let the fronts carry them in) But if you say they dissolve I presume your thoughts are they become inactive.

  2. NineEleven2011

    @peacedreamerable who knows and who cares…Ble skies return the clouds return and the chemtrails dissolve and those that spray them can go to hell.

  3. NineEleven2011

    @questionsleadtotruth what do you mean that I “Have” to show concrete proof.? I dont even have to share my videos….but I do: I have over 120 videos on my channel..all the same: acetic acid vapors will dissolve chemtraols ….. Agreed it doesnt make sense…. U..S. Government jets releasing untold tonnage of barium doesnt make much sense either…..just fucking try it and see for yourself. I dont debat…either try it yourself with an honest go…watch blue skies return or fuck yourself.

  4. questionsleadtotruth

    i just don’t see how this is possible? how can vinegar affect something so far away? it doesn’t make sense. you need to make videos showing a full chemtrail being dumped, then your vinegar treatment, and then the same chemtrail being destroyed. you have to show concrete proof.

  5. peacedreamerable

    Do you know what happens to the barium , is there a chemical change?where does it go if not ,drops to earth ? :)

  6. LibranEsq

    @sicwhitt yes. The reason it works so well is because these white chamtrails are made of a highly reactive material. barium, reactive that a whiff of vinegar miles from chemtrails will corrupt, dissolve, make the trails just dissolve,,,,,the trails in this video are so faint …but wait until about 2:00….these trails are vanishing…. !

  7. sicwhitt

    yes white vinegar is like baking soda for the air this does work I have done over 20 times it is amazing a gallon soak up in a towel an hang up done


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