Strange chemtrail twin spraying maneuver 9th January 2013

PLEASE READ FULL DESCRIPTION BELOW! Very strange behaviour of some chemtrail spraying “planes”. Or are they something other? Audio commentary in german. Most…

25 thoughts on “Strange chemtrail twin spraying maneuver 9th January 2013

  1. redrik11

    Contrails are left in the sky above the clouds… these are below what you would think are clouds.. Below the clouds so they must be…say it with me now.!! ? CHEMTRAILS.

  2. bizkit66effect

    Yea, they try? different things in different places.. you took that rocket launcher thing way serious 0_0 lol

  3. La Traviata

    Thank you…
    1. I? think that points to different types of craft being used and i’m pretty sure they are researching the effects of various patterns.

    2. Shooting them down at those speeds with a cheap one will make you miss them. Then it would be kind of an bad idea because they could crash down into some houses and kill a lot of innocent people. It’s not like in the movie “Four Lions” where you’ve got a lot of space… ^_^

  4. bizkit66effect

    Great vid..
    1. they move faster than the ones we see here? in uk…?
    2. we need to find a way of making cheap rocket launchers :-)


    it looks like? a coiled snake looking down. these are not military aircraft , any that I know of. there speed looks to be over mach 1 with no sound ?

  6. MyNameIsNobody

    The Airforce has been researching the effects and impact of Al on mammals? for at least 12 year. In fact, they have openly published it:

  7. La Traviata

    Dear John, after knowing some science stuff myself and due to the fact that i’m not halucinating – this is some messed up stuff in my video. Out of the normal. Absolutely not normal.
    This event also happened only once till now.
    Never seen them do such things ever again in my viewable area.
    And last but not least, i am eyewitness to a lot of very questionable stuff – e.g. Two planes of the same type at same flight path where one is spraying and? the other not. Rocket science anyone?


    There is a fucking Devils face on the front of the UK passport. U tube ” UK? PASSPORT DEVILS HEAD ” Too much! This is some twisted shit! I don’t fully know what is going on but I am convinced they have some diabolical plans in store? for us. I believe it is time to get with God and Pray. Namaste.

  9. hardcorerabanrk

    Maybe because these are not commercial flights and are done at military bases? ..And having a USA and British royal air force airport 3 miles from my house it’s easy to see these planes being prepped for a days spraying ..Really don’t know why people think this is normal and don’t be fooled by the geoengineering people mwho say this is to combat global warming as that is all bs aswell :/

  10. jcblrui

    Trimethylaluminum is the chemical compound with the formula Al2(CH3)6, abbreviated as Al2Me6, (AlMe3)2 or the abbreviation TMA. This pyrophoric, colorless liquid is? an industrially important organoaluminum compound. It evolves white smoke (aluminum oxides) when the vapor is released into the air. this is just one component….sprayers you and your son’s cancers are close too

  11. Michael Brannon

    Some believe it’s some kind of testing of chemicals..Others believe it’s Aluminum particles that block the sun to manipulate the weather (that’s what? I believe the most)

  12. kyle4ivie

    To those that ask why. Look up why in the world are they spraying.
    Theres a lot of reasons. Those that say they? are poisoning them selves too, lol. Its weather control, the poison is just a side effect. Trust your govt! Lol, they are definately looking out for your best interest!

  13. MsSilentlightning

    Do more research. This DELIBERATE POLLUTION is happening all around the world. Many professional people are laying it on the line as far as their jobs and lives are concerned to inform us of all the aspects of chemtrailing they can source and test for..One thing is sure ALL governments and news media are complicit by their determined lack of interest.?

  14. La Traviata

    We will never know to the fullest about all that matter, i guess.
    I really would love to say that we’re living in a kind world and that everything’s ok, but… i can not. Medieval times aren’t that? long ago and so it is still the same game running. Eat or be eaten.
    I’m sorry to say that.
    “Beware of the doctor, whose wife sells cemetery plots, whose brother owns a granite quarry, and whose father deals in shovels.”


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