Strange HAARP Lights!! Rainbow Clouds! Chemtrail Chembow or Something Else??

This took place right outside of Colorado Springs, Colorado. I would blame Haarp for this phenomenon!! Also there is a strange flash around 0.29…. What do you think? Strange Skys Lately…

25 thoughts on “Strange HAARP Lights!! Rainbow Clouds! Chemtrail Chembow or Something Else??

  1. leahanna412003

    Oh, BTW…that’s the reflection off the aluminum and copper, in addition to the mylar shards as well. It’s supposed to reflect back the sun. We were just inundated for the last weeks, with additional ice (dry) plus whatever other chem they use to cool. The temps here dropped from high 80s to mid to upper 30s in a heartbeat. And you can take that to the bank.

  2. leahanna412003

    Well, I’ve been watching them spray here for over three years now, and when they do, and the sunlight hits it a certain way, we get those rainbow effects as well.

  3. Kevindparks

    People you have to choose what you want for yourselves.. either you believe in creation and that all things are possible or that everything is just random and science based in which there is no true god or life force. You can’t live in both worlds. We can’t keep explaining unexplainable things off because we are scared we sound foolish. No one actually knows anything that they say is fact its all speculation. When was the last time anyone flew in the clouds or in space? We know what we are told

  4. ForcedAgenda

    @debkauble Are “ice crystals in the upper atmosphere” something new? I’ve been looking up at the sky for 40 years and only recently in the last couple of years have I also seen stuff like this. Your explanation is weak at best and is kind of insulting to others.

  5. texascommtech

    I’ve definitely seen these iridescent rainbow phenomena occur during and after the creation of chemtrails, however, there is ALSO the strong possibility that this was a JP4 mid-air fuel dump! Sometimes at the end of test flights and sometimes during certain kinds of in-flight emergencies the pilots will “dump” excess fuel so that when they land there is the bare minimum of fuel required to land, and to help minimize fires and explosions if there’s a collision or crash. NOT saying that’s this.

  6. rushfan9thcmd

    on the 16th also, I caught a large radar burst in Kansas primarily headed toward Colorado. I posted as a video response. Maybe it had something to do with the light show. Great catch!

  7. wvghostchic38

    Off subject, but just wanted everyone to know that YT is stopping? all truther videos from showing up in your subcriptions box. You have to go to their channel to see if anything new has been posted, that is what im doing now. They don’t want us getting the truth because the 27th is right around the corner. So, Hold on tight and get prepared!!!!! Pray for salvation!

  8. Prayser

    Yes this looks like earthquake lights. Usually within 30 days theres a 5. Or bigger. The one over China hit 30 minutes after the lights, the one over Los Angeles hit 31 days later.

  9. CosmicMindSense

    I’ve just saw the same here in montreal today, it was kind weird? Haarp manifestation + shit trail = That? or W.T.F… I was mad, i didn’t bring my cam! LoL

  10. Volcano2014

    My sister and brother in law saw a rainbow that went straight up in the sky in Madison, TN. There was no rain in sight, nor had it rained.

  11. TheCandaceH

    Rainbow clouds like that in the sky have significance of an impending large earthquake. It has something to do with ground movement. Scott from Believersunderground, here on yt, will tell you all about it. He’s a geologist. Stay safe!

  12. sonja196384

    Matthew….My daughter seen the same exact thing here in Michigan a few days ago. What do you think they mean?
    God bless

  13. isjackal

    HAARP my ass…
    Those high and wispy clouds are made of tiny ice crystals, and if the cloud is at the right angle to the sun, the crystals will refract the sunlight (much like a prism) into the colors of the rainbow.


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