Strange Metallic-Like Noise From Hurricane Sandy

This sound woke me up. It’s a metallic & vibrational sound. I tried my best to capture it by opening a window & shooting into the dark through a screen. The audio does not capture the “feel” of it–in other words, it woke me up because it was felt, as well as heard. I am in Massachusetts. :/ Stay safe everyone, everywhere!

25 thoughts on “Strange Metallic-Like Noise From Hurricane Sandy

  1. susanaltar

    I would also like to point out how the? two systems look like wings – in Daniel 7 the empire of a Lion with eagle wings a griffin – of course is the Anglo american establishment but the empire represented by the the eagle wings is plucked – not plucked off and placed somewhere else plucked and gone – please give your heart to Jesus

  2. susanaltar

    may i have permission to put this on my site,? and or compile it with the same noise I heard, with no weather – thanking you in advance for your permission I remain – Tara Shoshannah

  3. susanaltar

    I heard this noise without weather when I? was praying in great anger in the gulf south a few weeks before – same sound I recorded it

  4. Pixel1962

    I heard this same noise in the UK last Winter.

    I have been looking for a recording of it, and have found? yours – thanks SO much!

  5. ChemE Stewart

    It is spherical, it bends light around itself, it collapses and condenses water vapor from the air producing clouds. It is orbiting above and through the Earth in a decaying kepler orbit. It creates sinkholes in the Earth thru beta decay. It is collapsed or dark matter that makes up 25% of the universe vs. our? 4.7%. The sun is pelting us with this stuff during solar flares/CMEs. darkmattersalot”dot”com

  6. grayviee

    nice load, sounds like a lighter version of whats? been heard around the globe earlier this year, that raspy horn type sound, air cylinders pushing air. demon drop at cedar point amusement park runs off compressed air, sounds just like it

  7. AthurnonGaming

    It could be Gabriel’s? Horn, and if your not into biblical stuff, this is signaling Judgement Day… Which could mean that this whole 2012 thing is real. OR it’s an alien trying to scare us…


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