Strange shape of Chemtrail plane…

Check out the dark shape in front of the chemtrail as well… After some experimenting the white lights look very similar to a lense flare in other videos I took. However, the dark shape in front of the chemtrails is still strange… could be some kind of shadow…

14 thoughts on “Strange shape of Chemtrail plane…

  1. Wakeupsleepyhead1984

    @galacticwacko oh cool. so that proves i’m mildly paranoid but with good reason! LMAO

  2. galacticwacko

    @Wakeupsleepyhead1984 I did an in depth analysis with screen stills and it goes with the movement of the phone takin the video… definitely a flare… I compared it with other flares on my phone as well…

  3. Wakeupsleepyhead1984

    @galacticwacko regardless, even if it’s not- it sure looks a lot like the white plasma ball. could be a coincidence.

  4. Wakeupsleepyhead1984

    @galacticwacko it’s really hard to say because of the video quality… but after watching it again it does dart to the right pretty quick

  5. galacticwacko

    @Wakeupsleepyhead1984 do ya think so? I thought it looked too much like a lense flare… For a while I thought it was a UFO… especially the way it took off to the right…. I will revisit that one and see what I come up with… if you want to analyze it abit… I would appreciate it.

  6. RosenG1982

    @MasonicEyes if you watch the angle of the camera, it only shows the light “shape” when the camera comes aligned with the sun… just saying… both times it shows the “shape” the camera is in the exact same angle towards the camera.

  7. MasonicEyes

    Thats the first time I’ve seen something like that While watching chemtrails wonder what that is.

  8. MsSimpleLife

    Just walked outside to see that the spraying has begun again. Nothing for several days and today they are at it again. Funny today the weather conditions were the same as yesterday yet today there are trails all over the sky and yesterday…nothing.

  9. galacticwacko

    @anotherising yeah… really creepy… there are smaller white lights that follow the main one… then it zooms off to the right…


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