Supermassive Chemtrail Attack. Barcelona May 25th 2010.

These pictures and video were taken in Barcelona, Spain, on May the 25th 2010. Specially during the morning (9 to 11 am). That happened massively also one year ago as you can see in my other video about it. It gets worse and worse.

21 thoughts on “Supermassive Chemtrail Attack. Barcelona May 25th 2010.

  1. midnitecity

    @fancoy I’ve heard about the documentary – I will defiantly be watching it! This concerns all of us! Peace

  2. fancoy

    @midnitecity Thank you. Yes, they are spraying again, after some weeks of no activity almost here in Barcelona.
    I have seen this same evening there is a new movie uploaded in youtube about it, it is called “What in the world are they spraying?”… haven’t seen it yet but i bet it is a good one t get closer to some answers.

  3. midnitecity

    Good video! Noticed that they have started it again! Would love to know what they are spraying in OUR skies!

  4. zyrilo

    @fancoy esa capa blanca impide que el autofocus y el zoom hagan su trabajo y el objeto tintinee, los orbes estan casi siempre que hay fumigacion gracias a ti majo

  5. fancoy

    @zyrilo Gracias por tu comentario. Llevas toda la razón, últimamente lo hacen aún en días nublados y no paran, si no fíjate cómo el cielo en días más despejados está prácticamente cubierto por una capa blanca. Muy interesante tu vídeo! Estaré más atento. No sabía que lo de los orbes también se veía por aquí.
    Un saludo

  6. zyrilo

    Muy buenas fotos ultimamente lo hacen entre nubes mas discreto pero como hemos visto…exagerado en mi canal veras uno que grabe se ven orbes aunque el cielo estaba medio blanco,saludos desde bcn

  7. streetwarrior31


    Hi Fancoy….evrything allright broo?
    This is just fucking disgusting…..and the shills acept this just as normal.
    When Brezzinski says that thers not room enuff for all the people on earth,i´m starting to belive that he´s right…..the fucking shills,ignorantes,layziness people that acept this as normal,doesnt belong in this planet anymore,they are worthless.
    Keep exposing this shiit men,you belong in the planet,fight for him


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