PLEASE READ I’m doing what I can to help raise awareness to the unthinkable. We are being irradiated via a bombardment of liquid crystals in the skies masked as contrails & cloud formations, which upon the introduction of the earth’s atmosphere align in a precise grid formation of waveguides, or a virtual fiber optic network. These waveguides act as molecular highways for electromagnetic frequencies to slice through our lower atmosphere dramatically increasing our exposure to solar radiation. I have outlined in my other videos irrefutable scientific observations upon which only a single conclusion can be made with regard to the make-up of these substances – liquid crystals. On top of that I have outlined the precise physics behind how these are polarizing EMF’s from the sun as well as from our modern-day technology I began raising awareness to this a year ago upon which paranormal phenomena has been up my arse ever since. The orbs present in these clips represent just a small fraction to the collection I have obtained. It should be asked why in the world would this type of stuff present itself so readily overhead with such frequency. It’s because I’m speaking the truth. 100% proof liquid crystals are being dumped in our atmosphere in the guise of “contrails”, clouds, etc. Here are the precise observations of these substances which match precisely to the extraordinarily unique properties of liquid crystals: 1. Obvious visual comparisons in “static” like appearance


  1. EmeiBaguazhang

    My? ONE worry is this,………..WHY, would those in power Allow, “US” to converse in this venue????
    Why the internet???
    Why not nip it in the bud? Could it be Disinformation?

    Answer me that please.

  2. EmeiBaguazhang

    This is to say: We MUST open up our Chakras and allow the Christ, Buddha knowing to open up and connect with all others,…..and this,……and ONLY this will allow us to take our world and knowledge back.
    We MUST become ONE mind,….or we are done! :(
    This is my mind anyway on the matter. You cannot fight fire with fire, we must be water and? put out the fire of the Techno inhabitants.
    And I have ALL certainty that this will happen when the God mind is willing.

  3. EmeiBaguazhang

    Let us assume that what u say is true. First off,…..I agree with ALL of what u say!

    I? feel true,…..Chem tails, Greys, UFOs, dimensional beings, weird sounds and pitches, the earth basically going to crap. 911, The Bilderberg group, the Bohemian grove, unseen writings, the Crystal skulls, ancient aliens,….and the whole nine yards,
    THE SYSTEM is so full of Disinformation,…what is a human to do???

    In MY mind,..the only thing to do is to focus our core beings at the WHOLE of Creation.

  4. FreekeeChakra

    I agree with so much of what you’ve presented. As love has been deepening and? expanding my awareness of the sacred dimension of Life and the extraordinary potentials that are available to the Human race, so has the overwhelming influence of the dark forces pervading every aspect of our reality also come into focus. I accept both polarities, but choose and keep choosing love and service to others. This is my will, identity, and purpose. Unity, joy, fulfillment, love….we can do it together!

  5. thcbombs

    This is crazy. So who exactly is spraying this stuff? And do you think the people that are spraying this stuff live somewhere else?? Maybe like on an island where they don’t spray? Just a hypothesis

  6. tsaklar

    of note I never even heard of a “chemtrail” 2 years ago but this stuff is so “in your face”, with the measurable & distinctive geometric patterns, optical anomalies, ludicrous atmospheric & celestial illumination, record-shattering warming, extraordinary physical properties, state & phase transition, rotation & orientational alignment of this “static”, & on & on all matching precisely? to liquid crystals. Stay tuned as my next video will put to rest any further? debate! Cheers!

  7. tsaklar

    absolutely this stuff is visible to the “naked eye”; yet the bloody “Archon” programming has seeded itself so deep in people, rather than spend just a few minutes taking? back control of their perceptions & beliefs & exploring this further the automated responses kick in – triggering off of keywords such as “chemtrails”, associating it with “conspiracy theory”, associating the individual with a “label”, & lastly constructing a rejection response not far off from what a computer program woudl do

  8. thcbombs

    I can see these particles sometimes!! my friends think i’m crazy but i seem them moving? fast in weird directions. ;/

  9. blu3babbi3

    thats all i see to is poison & holes, what can we do bout it we all kno? it want hit everybody…just take care or self & hear ur crazy if not believed then help the ones that do????NEED HELP HERE!!!

  10. TheDamage50

    hello tsaklar, you are very knowledgeable; thank you. can you please tell me the connection between the gwen towers and what they are spraying in the skies, and or how the gwen towers effect our own vibrational fields and how or if they are using? it for il will. thank you? in advance for your response.

  11. TheDamage50

    hello tsaklar, you are very knowledgeable; thank you. can you please tell me the connection between the gwen towers and what they are spraying in the skies, and or how the gwen towers effect our own vibrational fields and? how or if they are using it for il will. thank you in advance for your response.

  12. td05771

    Thank you.. I feel quite intelligent in certain areas, however this one is quite confusing to me! I’ll def go over channel comments and watch some of your other videos as well. I wonder tho, in one of my videos I capture, in daytime, a round ball of light hanging around near the trails that were sprayed. Is that some holographic device or? image and what purpose would that serve? sorry, if you could, dumb it down for me a bit.

  13. tsaklar

    indeed “orgone” is a good defense due to the massive vibrational field they generate – & this goes for defending against these electromagnetic Archon/reptilian entities? as it acts like a “tractor beam” or gravitational field which sticks to them & sucks them in. But most importantly it is our own electromagnetic field generated by our hearts which by far offers the most protection -but you need to be in a positive vibe or state of emotion – love, light, joy, laughter, peace, harmony, etc. cheers

  14. tsaklar

    please see my channel comments as I provided a summary about chemtrails/liquid crystals & how they support this? “Archon” agenda by the following: these tiny specs, or “static” seen are of these crystals going through state-transition. In short the earth’s electromagnetic field aligns these into a precise geometric “grid” formation which (a) channels EMF/solar radiation, (b) enables holographic capability in the sky, (c) reforms our atmosphere so these entities can manifest in limited fashion.

  15. td05771

    There are thousands of tiny white? particles that float around in our sky at all times now! I’ve seen the shit falling from the chemtrails, so it’s not just allergins and pollen like I used to believe. I’m positive this is probably why so many people have breathing & sinus problems. We are headed on a path of destruction that only GOD can correct.

  16. tsaklar

    ? You need to check out Bruce Liptons work – Biology of? Belief & Spontaneous Evolution. He is by far the leading edge stem-cell researcher / molecular biologist & clearly demonstrates biology including evolution is dictated by BELIEFS. Quantum physics will tell you electrons form into the physical upon BELIEFS. “Placebo” is another form of belief. In fact this entire reality is based upon our beliefs & is at the core of this Archon mind-game being played upon us.

  17. mrpearl1

    Hard to believe such a grand conspiracy would go without notice? First you would need over 100,000 planes to? spread the chemtrails throughout the United States sky on a daily basis. A half a million workers to manufacture & install the Aerosol systems in each plane.I am assuming that the systems are installed in passenger Jets too?Possibly remote controlled from the ground.Would the airports need massive fueling stations for the chemicals? Air Traffic Controllers would see odd flight patterns?


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