Sylphs, Chemtrails and Clouds Photo Compilation in 1080p HD

orgone sylph chemtrail haarp mind control weather modification geoengineering POR DOR wilhelm reich don croft cloudbuster chembuster aerosol cloverleaf ************************************************** I personally took all of these photos over the course of the last year or so.

15 thoughts on “Sylphs, Chemtrails and Clouds Photo Compilation in 1080p HD

  1. OzzyPatriot


    I had suspected for a few years? that these long threaded ‘clouds’ came from Jets.
    Then about 12 months ago I saw it happen. A ‘chemtrail’ from a Jet actually turned into this type of ‘cloud’ right before my eyes!

    I think what happens is: They spray these aerosols at a certail level. They slowly descend until they hit a different level where winds disperse the particles in different ways, generally ending up in a beige haze, hold up a piece of white paper to the sky to see 4 ur self

  2. SovereignBeing

    Great video as usual FF ! We dont see as many of these wonderful etheric beings as we used to here in oz, the weather wars have claimed many? of them, they often appear before the trails, and are ready to chew through that muck on our behalf.. I always remember to say a big thank you to these wonderful majestic creatures for helping to make our skies clear and pure again..!

  3. Sion6

    Slyphs, really? Now I find the reptilian stuff to be interesting, but, to be honest, this slyph stuff is kinda silly to me. I do realize the reality of weather manipulation, but the ‘slyphs’? just look like clouds to me. And CB fanatics are just Reich fanboys/girls. Sorry, but that’s my opinion.

  4. Endza50

    Great video thx ..
    Make? a chembuster in FEW MINUTES with easy to find materials. Like I have done.
    CHEMBUSTER IS AN ANTITOD! Chemtrails have distablised the course of NATURE. pls check my chanel and see the video about the EASY TO MAKE CHEMBUSTER.

  5. LibranEsq

    That chemtrail we call Captn Barium D. Drip USAF, Kill it real fast by spraying white vinegar at it (freeze frame at 1:01)?

  6. LibranEsq

    Sylph Video ! wow! we see them. wondrous and magickal. Their defining characteristic is their eyes. ? If you love when the sylphs show themselves (we call them DraGons…and we love seeing them) please help them and attract sylphs to you by setting out and evaporating as much vinegar as you can. Vinegar capors contain acetic acid and will melt U S Governmnet poison known as chemtrails right out of the sky is short order. See our active hardcore chemtrail hating killing channel. Peace.

  7. Rozrr

    Has anyone done any scientific testing on chemtrail fallout before and after these sylphs have been seen? Or are we to hope in our desperation that a miracle is occurring, or is it really that the planes? and the chemtrails have managed to change in consistency to make us believe this strange phenomenon?

  8. prayermama9

    been pointing out to? people the wind drifts in the sky were screwed up in comparison and proportion to the wind currents and the other varieties of clouds with them. We have been told to keep our eyes on the sky.

  9. coldhardfacts

    Many plants here in the mid-west USA have a “strange new disease” Burn holes… like from acid rain. Countless? burnholes mostly white in color going all the way thru the leaves. Coincidence or not.. this shit is all over the southeast US too. WTF is going on? Chemtrails? Corexit from the BP spill?
    Look forward to a major food shortage… coming soon

  10. Livefreerevolution

    Shhhh go back to sleep this doesn’t exist. This was all done by ‘photoshop’. your gubment loves you? and will take care of you!

  11. FrequencyFence

    @OlisharV A sylph is an air elemental, a primary force of nature which? works within the Orgone energy field. Having Orgonite/Cloudbusters around will attract this activity, and it will help to transmute the DOR in chemtrails, breaking them up in the process.

    The “feathery” pulling apart of chemtrails/clouds is due to sylphs/POR vortex.

    These pictures were all taken over the last 12 months.

  12. OlisharV

    Great coverage pal, Is Sylph just? another word for sundog? What time & date was the footage taken oh and where abouts? cheers


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