Talk Jock Silences Chemtrails

The media black out continues on the chemtrail issue. Since most media is owned by a very few, it is easy to forbid talk about the aerosol spray operations taking place in our skies. Silence is not an option. From a Viewer Want to know why Sonali is silent on Chemtrails? You have to find the connection between Sonali and her CALTECH HUSBAND Jim Ingalls and NASA. Her husband works for a NASA funded program at Caltech. Jim Ingalls is a Staff Scientist at the Spitzer Science Center, which is part of the California Institute of Technology. Jim has a PhD in Astronomy. The Spitzer Space Telescope is a NASA mission managed by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. NASA, Jet Propulsion … Silent Sonali on Chemtrails! Solved! Before public radio, Sonali was an Applications Developer at Cal Tech testing software for a NASA space telescope. She has a Master of Science in Astrophysics from the University of Hawaii and a Bachelor of Science in Physics and Bachelor of Arts in Astronomy from the University of Texas. Jim Ingalls is a Staff Scientist at the NASA funded Spitzer Science Center. Sonali and Jim met in June 1998 at the annual meeting of the American Astronomical Society.

25 thoughts on “Talk Jock Silences Chemtrails

  1. ar5281ar

    chemtrails daily in s.e.wisconsin when i can see the blue skies. funny, years ago i had to wait a week to see a “persistant CONtrail”!? now it’s daily!

  2. Hyronymuss

    Chemtrail – Online Petitionsantrag genehmigt beim Deutschen Bundestag

    Petitions ID 9847 Verbot Geoengineering

    Ende der Mitzeichnungsfrist 07 April 2010

    h t t p s epetitionen bundestag de

    “Verbot Geoengineering”

    Macht mit – Bitte weiterverbreiten

    Ich habe meinen Blauen Himmel – den gebe ich nicht her – “Dark City” – “Sie Leben”

  3. octavius6109

    Its revolution time people!!! Join your local tea parties and spread the word!! Buy your guns, food/water supplies, etc.

  4. WellSightedGentleman

    several months theyve continually barraged the skies here with their geoengineering compunds. How fortunate it seems theyve stopped, but only for the last week.
    WHat a high to have a clear sky.

  5. judiann1

    I live in NH & deal with this every day. I get headaches and get very tired. It affects your respiratory and cardiovascular system. This aerial spraying is an attack on all life. It is killing our trees and vegetation. The Governor of the state of NH refuses to warn the people as does the media. These atrocities are killing people and it is intentional. They have many titles for it but it is the past and present administration dumping toxic waste on our heads. LOOK UP!

  6. shnarfers

    in santa rosa california they have been chemtrailing heavily. its been so so blatant and heavy, this weekend was the worst. it followed into monday. i think i have been getting headaches. ive experienced a new headache that i got at night three nights in a row same days as the heaviest spraying. this is a new thing as i have never had repeated headaches spanning multiple days. i’m doing my part to increase awareness even though most ridecule etc. i know its real. i have made a sign.

  7. brcmasters

    When they spray, do like I do, ask anyone if they would be interested in seeing the government poisoning people. Some will say no, but you would be suprised at how many will say yes. Then just direct them upward. To be so darn smart as the elites would have us think they are, if one plane sprays, ten more follow and people become extremely curious at that point. Contrail arguement busters, jet fuel not diesel, your breath in the winter does not produce clouds. I am trying.

  8. kdkkdk1

    The police are owned, and not by us. I called a local talk show and got the shaft when I brought up chemtrails like this guy. But do it anyway. I thought if we could get one day where we could inundate the airwaves across the country on talk radio and force discussion of the issue would be awesome. How to organize this, who knows.

  9. imagicination

    This is great.
    I think I must start informing the local media about it…..and the police. I mean, when we can see it, others can too
    Love and Light to you
    be safe

  10. blueskyswan

    Have you seen this doco? 1 of 27 Chemtrail film: Don’t Talk About the Weather.
    Its excellent.

  11. formless777

    The Media make money out of scaring people. The more scared people are, the more they watch, the better the advertising revenue. Panic and faith are the enemy, calm and clear thinking are your friends.

  12. ar5281ar

    dont think chemtrails exist? watch the vid, Experimental Biological Chemical Spraying! chemtrails exist and have for a long time! if not my fav’s have ALL the top notch chemtrail vids, feel free to look!

  13. URAterrorist

    What is unbelievably dumb, is someone who thinks contrails and chemtrails are the same thing. Yes any idiot knows that contrails form at high altitudes and low temperatures. Chemtrails however, form at ANY altitude and at ANY temperature. There are 4 seasons where I live. Chemtrails form in ALL of them. Iv’e only been watching this anomaly for 10 years now. If they don’t spray all night, my morning BLUE sky turns completely WHITE EVERY afternoon. This may be your memory of normal, but not mine!

  14. URAterrorist

    Chemtrails Are: Persistent lines of chemical-infused aerosol spray dispersals from typically unmarked planes which are now seen in the sky all over the world. Unlike normal jet contrails formed from water vapor, chemtrails spread to form a thick blanket of cloud cover, held together by polymer fibers until they reach the ground, contaminating crops, water supplies and humans with radioactive soft metals and dessicated red blood cells which contain active human pathogens.

  15. jaspen40

    Sonali and Norman Solomon are both a piece of lying crap!!! what ever party they are for, I am against. Notice how they try to cover it up!!! HEY NORMAN ! THE ONLY KUNUNDREN IS HOW ANYONE CAN TAKE YOU SERIOUS AFTER THAT WONDERFUL RESPONSE!! DERELICT!!

  16. icke11234

    Chemtrails – genocide!
    Join peitition on an investigation of chemtrails:

  17. wikkhead

    hahaha! brilliant. she so didn’t see that one coming! really tried her best to ignore and just cut off the caller.
    well f I_IcK her and all the other buy-out media people. thanks for this vid, we’ll keep spreading the word ’cause chemtrails are REAL!


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