1. InvestigateTheLies

    @PLATINUM3NDO Subliminal messaging controls the subconscious. Look into Neural Linguistic Programming, everyone should. This commercial is saying nothing more than, you are cattle, you are crops, you are all plugged in, heres some poison in the are for the cattle. Even a cow walks by in the commercial lol.


    Why do they taunt us though? All the symbolism in movies and such.. is it so people get accustomed to it?

  3. shinybrightone

    @UnitedCorpOfAmerica Hi again,would u like 2 cut and paste the following title into your video search bar & find this & watch it. Speaker of the House Threatens to Destroy the World Using Secret WMD.I am genuinely interested in u’r comments.Pls read sub-titles.There is so much info 2 sift & search through 2 try & find the truth.This is one video that fascinates me.I have 2 sign off for a while but please check your in-box in case I have some more things to ask,IF YOU DON’T MIND THAT IS.

  4. shinybrightone

    @UnitedCorpOfAmerica And yes,you are right about the recession too.And it is the workers and unemployed, people with disabilities and kind who will suffer.The elitists will NOT, they will still pick the eyes out of everything and watch us squirm which is afterall, how they get their kicks.I am sorry,I misunderstood your comment too about prepping for survival rather than rebellion.One thing I know is that we must start paying for everything with cash = metal and not credit card.

  5. shinybrightone

    @UnitedCorpOfAmerica Hi,sorry but I don’t know what ‘abrams tanks’ are but can imagine what combat troops are.I too am not a crazy,and all I want too is food, water and protection but do you think the police will protect if push comes to shove?Would they not just follow orders from their superiors?(NO NOT FIGHTING WORDS,JUST A GENUINE QUESTION) I also do not play video games,I consider myself too old for that,LOL LOL (I’m an old duck).I do believe that TPTB play us all for dills though. Cont.

  6. UnitedCorpOfAmerica

    @shinybrightone My “prepping” is for my own survival it’s NOT for any crazy fringe notion of rebellion. LOL rebel against what… abrams tanks and combat troops?? That is laughable. I’m not one of the crazies… I just want food, water and protection when/if the police can no longer do so. Simple really. I’ll let the crazies rebel with their AR’s and 45’s against APC’s. I never played video games, maybe that’s why I’m realistic. Balanced Budget>Metal backed currency>pay down national debt

  7. UnitedCorpOfAmerica

    @shinybrightone Last thing I want is a confrontation. Ideally, I want to work, be productive and pay taxes to a governing entity that appreciates it. Recently in Western Societies capitalism has worked much too well and therefore rewarded out of control greed. Suddenly two things happened… money ran out (QE) and corporations and spending (business and personal) cut back… resulting in a huge recession and that made us serfs “useless eaters” because we aren’t useful to the large profiteers.

  8. shinybrightone

    @UnitedCorpOfAmerica How much power do these evil ones have?I have been doing some research and the tendrils of their filth is EVERYWHERE.It has been said here that the tax on carbon will be used to finance the Asian-Australian union and very little to be used for the carbon problem which does not exist anyway as we all know.It is just another money grab by the illuminati elitests which will further en-slave us all.

  9. shinybrightone

    @UnitedCorpOfAmerica Hi again,sorry I had to catch some shut-eye.Yes,I should have thought about that re:- contacting you.You sound just so very interesting to talk to.Do you think it will come to all-out confrontation over there?I find it amazing that you have commented about being prepared.Do you think there are many more that are also prepared? It seems to me that the good guys,YOU,are expecting a confrontation with sections of TPTB.There are lots of people making noise here too! More 2 come

  10. Wildrhody

    I found out this language is Slovakian, and Navzdy means forever, and predplatena means subscription. So, I think it’s referring to free texting with subscription forever. Another strange thing I noticed, as I watch this over and over, is the bright blue flashing light we have been seeing, where it is said they are blowing transformers. There are many oddities in this commercial, but I did find that Slovakia has had Jewish problems in the past. Kind of makes you say…hmmmm.

  11. UnitedCorpOfAmerica

    @shinybrightone That will be difficult because the contact info will then become exposed for all.

  12. shinybrightone

    @UnitedCorpOfAmerica,Do you live in America? I don’t but that does not stop me feeling sympathy & empathy for all who live there & are enduring tremendous trials at the moment.The floods in Missisippi followed by those dreadful tornados is unbelievable.& there are more unnatural phenomena 2 follow yet both there & here.We were very effectively disarmed a few years ago,but there are those who say there are now more arms here than ever before. Can I talk with you any other way than through here?

  13. UnitedCorpOfAmerica

    @shinybrightone It’s both. The taunts are for inciting us. In the US, “they” know we are armed and wish to incite rage so that the TPTB can round us up with great ease. TPTB do not wish for people to prepare with calm. Food, water, ammo, silver… I’m preparing calmly with the hope of not needing to do so.

  14. shinybrightone

    @UnitedCorpOfAmerica Hmmm, so do think everything that is going on around us is in the world regarding chemtrails, dumbing people down, fema concentration camps etc, is a big HAVE at us or is it really happening? NO, I AM NOT ARGUING WITH YOU, life is too short and precious for that, however I am trying to make reason of what I see and am always happy to consider others opinions. And I appreciate you honest reply to my question. :o) Cheers.

  15. shinybrightone

    @UnitedCorpOfAmerica Hi, I’m not sure sure if your comment is a FOR or AGAINST the message in this video.

  16. Wildrhody

    Oh, btw, John, thank you for all the great videos, and I also wanted to say, you have adorable children. It makes me miss those days, now that mine are grown. But, beware of strangers that see your children on YT. There are sick ppl out there, unfortunately.

  17. Wildrhody

    The red heifer is used for ritual purification when a Jew comes in contact with a corpse. All these ppl were dressed like grim reapers/death (Saturn/Babylonian worship, as is being done in Israel now), and were underwater. Does this ring any bells with underwater body bags and the New Madrid fault zone, or whereever else they may strike?


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