Taxpayers Pay Chemtrail Death Dumps Former IRS Agent Joe Bannister Says! Aerosol Crimes 101

~credits video: & http Anthony J Hilder interviews former IRS agent Joe Bannister about the chemtrail death dumps, who is paying for them, why we are being poisoned, and prosecution of those who are orchestrating the crimes against humanity. Hilder does the taxpayer’s…

25 thoughts on “Taxpayers Pay Chemtrail Death Dumps Former IRS Agent Joe Bannister Says! Aerosol Crimes 101

  1. PantsInTheFamily

    Closer to the truth of ‘what’s really going on’ is even too bizarre for an ex IRS agent to believe.
    they keep on doing what they do.


    @oystla google video search “What On Earth Are They Spraying” watch?v=ybWku-lJe6I & “Chemtrail Science Cover-Up HD Rosalind Peterson GeoEngineering”: watch?v=WpxC7usUfm0 & carnicom(dot)com

    ~and this is just a tip of a gigantic iceberg … why is it so hard to read & look on this page, because I share you intel that was already given. Do you ACT stupid & dumb about it … or ARE you lazy & stupid & dumb ? What is worse in this case? ~either way, am wasting our time!


  3. oystla

    Well, I only see contrails = water vapour. Where is the proof for toxins?. OK, let me see some actual samples from these “clouds” that these are something else than water vapour and CO2 from the planes engines…

  4. SkyBlueAugust

    @waywardeuSE Yep – the WWII SS men implemented their murder program, never fearing it would be their families harmed. Likely, the same here. Some of way THEY think their families will not be harmed – perhaps it is an antidote, perhaps it’s a matter of being exposed to a secondary agent, say — H1N5 or repeated radiation at the airports……

  5. sanluisskywatch

    @RockTheOcean.. That’s definitely part of the plan- make it so nothing but their GMO product grows anymore.

    Also, seems like they’re trying to contaminate the natural water supply.


  6. waywardeuSE

    Neurenberg trail?… 175 nazi’s in court, at least 1800 go to america in project paperclip and simular numbers go to russia or excape with a little help from the catholic church to south america and now we wonder where the shit comes from?…

  7. RockTheOcean4me

    Imagine this, aluminium kills plants andso.
    Monsanto seeds have no probs growing in an aluminium soil…

  8. 2009368

    well whoever gets a move on the case, you could use my picture’s and video’s if you need the scientific details of the day just message me 😀

  9. SSArt98

    Hey John,I tried to send you a link on NASA’S ‘GLORY’ satellites but I couldn’t,guess I only subbed you months ago & never asked for a friend invite,thought I did.Anyway,the people of the World are about to see major increase of activity in the skies.Here’s the link for the conference (Part 1).
    Seems we have spent close to $500 million just alone on the 1 satellite.
    Thanks for all you do!


    Time4aHearing on Chemtrails GeoEngineering ‘Global Warning BS’ Alachua County watch?v=2-TereLaJ1w

    a M U S T hear and see !


  11. annkelly925

    Thanks for speaking out ,, we all need to stand up and stop this ,there all insane mad,? how do they think there going to get away with this, there is a lot of people sick and its getting worse,,

  12. rachelabombdotcom

    @SkyBlueAugust I’ve thought antidote as well, otherwise it’s not hard to imagine if these people would kill us why would they care about anyone. :(

  13. dutchtruthseeker

    @Drumvain Its because ‘they’ have access to healthcare 2.0, and we do not. Maybe you should look into the “royal rife” information and learn a thing or 2 about what is really possible.

  14. Sundrumify

    Wiki: “The Nuremberg trials initiated a movement for the prompt establishment of a permanent international criminal court, eventually leading over fifty years later to the adoption of the Statute of the International Criminal Court.”
    Lisa: am just doing research to find an answer to the question, which “independent” court is dealing with the violation of The International Declaration of Human Rights?
    Thanks for posting the video.

  15. Sundrumify

    Wiki: „The Nuremberg trials had a great influence on the development of international criminal law. The Conclusions of the Nuremberg trials served as models for: The Genocide Convention, 1948; The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 1948; The Nuremberg Principles, 1950; The Convention on the Abolition of the Statute of Limitations on War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity, 1968; The Geneva Convention on the Laws and Customs of War, 1949; its supplementary protocols, 1977.

  16. SkyBlueAugust

    @Drumvain Antidote, don’t you think? Or, maybe, promise of total destruction of the populace before the poison reaches it’s max?

  17. SkyBlueAugust

    “Eugenics type activities” = Murder = Hitler killing the millions of gypsies, jews and others in the gas camps. If no one stopped Hitler, Israel would not exist today. “Eugenics?”


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