Ted Gunderson Blasts FBI and Asks Chemtrail Pilots to Come Forward

Anthony J Hilder interviews Ted L Gunderson, former Chief FBI Agent in Charge in Los Angeles, Dallas, and Memphis, about the present day FBI and the pilots that are flying the chemtrail “death dump” planes. Gunderson blasts the FBI. Then, Gunderson asks the pilots to come forward and “we’ll put you on camera without using your name and your face.” Here’s an article on aircrap.org that contains a transcript of this video: aircrap.org If you are a pilot or you have previously undisclosed, revealing information regarding chemtrail activities, please send email to: aircrap.org@gmail.com

25 thoughts on “Ted Gunderson Blasts FBI and Asks Chemtrail Pilots to Come Forward

  1. annkelly925

    Thanking you for speaking out Mr Ted Gunderson , i live here in Ireland and its the same here spraying Chemtrails on our small island ,, sad .

  2. TheRoguelement

    Well friends..it’s 5:AM on 7/15 and flying east at 10K or so is another NON commercial aircraft spraying those toxic Chemicals that will morp out to ruin the sky over Wayne county NY …They must be flying out of one of our area airports in Buffolo or Ohio because north of me is Lake Ontario …I’m using a uniden BCT8 trunking scanner to see if I can at least ident some radio freq, they might be using while in flight.

  3. TeslaTechnologyRocks


    The Tornadoes was caused by illuminati weather warfare
    This was caused by weather control electromagnetic weapons. Next attack will be something much more powerful than anybody can even imagine and this technology is even beyond Star Trek. Google “Scalar Weapons” and you will see hundreds of informative links. They can even induce a biological reaction from a distance similar to chemical reactions.

  4. SD3550

    im in wisconsin they spary here to ……. my kids get dry coughs here and there.. SHIT IS REAL LADIES AND GENTLEMEN……

  5. chocltesk8r95

    Im in TC michigan two days ago chemtrails were heavily
    Sprayed and the next day everyone
    At school has the flu.

  6. Charlesrocks

    Mr. Gunderson, Thank You for coming forward! I have captured videos of many Trails over New Orleans. Yesterday there were 8 X Trails left over my city in one day! (New Record) Back in 2007 I was blessed with the Gift of Visions by God after MANY Years of Faith in God! (Joel 2:28) This is NO joke and it is REAL! I have videos of things only God could create! Many like the Prophet Daniel witnessed. I am asking God to bless and Protect you and EVERYONE that comes Forward! *Pilots* Me~> 1 MILL Views

  7. povang

    How would they know you are not the FBI/CIA/Illuminati itself trying to weed out the unloyals/Whistleblowers?.

  8. godaddict

    Here in East Texas we get hammered with that shit just about every day. Lots of red necks in Texas that have the means and ability to defend ourselves. I think they’re trying to make everyone sick, so we’ll be too weak to fight. That ain’t gonna happen.
    FIGHT THE NWO! The declaration of independence says it is not only our right to throw a tyrannical government out….it’s our duty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. izlude2

    The last time I saw chemtrails was about 8 days ago. Over Pasadena California. This strange cloud shaped like a hook appeared over the JPL area. It spread over the sky. It was later supplemented by chemtrails and guess what happened? Rain for a single day. I think they’re both poisoning us and messing with the weather. It was a blue sky just prior to that hook cloud. Anyone remember this?

  10. monimuette

    Thank you Ted for speaking out! I’ve noticed that we’ve had NO chem trails in Los Angeles since around the time you’ve spoken out. I’d almost forgotten how beautiful the clear blue could be. My energy and outlook have been steadily climbing. Thanks for this channel as well aircrap!

  11. CatBornAgain

    THANK YOU Ted.
    Everything you said about the Sacrificed children, babies, I believe that it is mostly the Abducted babies in Serbia, Ukraine or Russia.

  12. daitheflubg

    hmm 40 views only ?
    So.. I guess that the suggestions are somehow manipulated :>

    What if the “pilots” are doing something that they believe is not poisoning the people and is for good? For example – prevention of airbourne viruses or whatever..


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