The Alex Jones Show 1/3-Hour 1:The Chemtrail Report & More!

Alex talks about Chemtrials, and about the movie he’s going to be making about them.Later on in part 3, Alex ask for your help in making this movie & needs your finanical support as well.Please give what you can.The Address to do all of this will be giving in part 3.

25 thoughts on “The Alex Jones Show 1/3-Hour 1:The Chemtrail Report & More!

  1. easyfund

    Dial 1800 WX BRIEF to report chemtrails in US airspace. Visit my Facebook or follow me on twitter @chemtrailkook. Peace. Report often. It’s legal and if enough of us do it someone might take notice. These calls are also logged and become part of an official record. Someday there will be justice. I’m working on a global centralized photo upload site with geo mapping. Hope to have it done by this weekend.

  2. mrwizard319

    I just went to a NASA run chemtrail brainwashing site and even worse it’s for kids. It’s so Orwellian i wanna throw up.

  3. webmasterflash

    Chemtrails Are: Persistent lines of chemical-infused aerosol spray dispersals from typically unmarked planes which are now seen in the sky all over the world. Unlike normal jet contrails formed from water vapor, chemtrails spread to form a thick blanket of cloud cover, held together by polymer fibers until they reach the ground, contaminating crops, water supplies and humans with radioactive soft metals and dessicated red blood cells which contain active human pathogens.

  4. Whorulesnow

    This year and Last I noticed less chemtrails in the summer, but way more fires. I believe they are using HAARP, the weather weapon, as well. It is said that chemtrails (which have many purposes) have chemicals that affect our immune system such as for fighting off this fake flu that they have made. Last year the chemtrails stopped just as the many, large fires started. Interesting. California is on the hit list.

  5. killryn

    we’re on your side myman! I am ceraphex; revolting the machine! Have you seen very many burners in your area lately? I’ve noticed a substantial decrease since 4 mo ago…. Salute! …and Down the Ndub!

  6. killryn

    thank you! also I am researching the cloud elders and occultist practices, seems that cults have been trying to control the weather for some time. As if that were the secret of God. Lol, these men are fools and swine… Notice not as many chemtrails in Socal sine 4 months ago… I am asking, is that due to heavy topic communication via email, comment, text, and phone convos? or is their project complete in this region for this period of time… History channel puts out a shocking chemtrail vid!!

  7. iggy6

    Yes, you can go to californiaskywatchDOTCom and see the files.Also there is a bunch of other skywatch sites for losangeles, arizona, newyork, etc. All have great documents and articles, as well as flyers for you to copy and pass out.

  8. iggy6

    We have to start spreading the word. Pass out flyers to those still sleeping. Very important to start really letting as many people know. IF you can get the 100 monkey thing going, they cannot deny it. Why do you think they have fought so hard to push global warming and making smoking cigarettes illegal in some states to even smoke in your cars? Come on! THey are spraying this soup on us and expect us to believe that cig smoke and car exhaust are the reasons we have global warming. Suckers…

  9. JimiDelicious

    Your intelligent and should continue learning so you can help educate others until the 100th monkey effects takes place in 2011 and then we all turn back into energy again..

  10. JimiDelicious

    I think its called rain seeding and it involves silver.. I’m not sure but are you talking about rain seeding?

    Don’t stress about anything, Just do what needs to be done.

  11. i420dotcom

    google orgonite! read about it and learn how to dissolve chem trails and turn them in to less harmful energy. we have the tools to fight back.

  12. Whorulesnow

    Some chemtrails that have been tested show many heavy metals (barium, manganese, aluminum, calcium, etc…) When I drove through LA early one morning I watched them lay trails all over the area and the trails opened up to massive wispy clouds that covered the entire city. It was terrible. I drove as fast as I could to get out of there. Once I got to San Diego, they were spraying down there too. It ruined my whole trip. This has to stop. Google it for more info.

  13. dddiegopan

    China creates rain by bombing some sulfure shit onto clouds , thats all loco and shit

    I see Planes spraying shit high in up there, you can barely make the plane type, definately not civilian aircrafts,

  14. dddiegopan

    Global industrial military complex must banned, sanctioned and penalized for war crimes. Global Referendum on War Guns.

  15. killryn

    I agree in so cal we get night trails, huge trailers that spread out to the point they look almost like a normal cloud… however the moon at night shining through will light up the trail and a rainbow around the moon can be seen. if the contents of these chemical substance were metallic it would explain the light reflecting off the trail and would act as supporting evidence in the videos put out by nufffrespect. any thoughts?

  16. Whorulesnow

    I live in Calfornia and we are getting saturated out here. The chemtrails are so bad that I don’t even want to leave my house. This has got to stop.

  17. kierbaudy

    We are making this beautiful planet really ugly and unlivable. No matter what it’s from, I just don’t like my blue skies cloudy. I was out today and it was SUNNY and I look up, it’s all this white stuff… definately not clouds. That is indeed sad.

  18. Modelmaterial7

    Persian Paladin- Just stay off this thread please. I don’t need to wait for anyone to come along and tell me a lie about something I can see with my own FUCKING EYES! Idiot.. I love how people who don’t believe in God always go to God threads or sites, and those who don’t believe in conspiracy always seem to find themselves posting on all of them. Go get some fresh air! Peace…

  19. PersianPaladin

    Nothing sinister in it whatever. We, well most of us fly far more than we ever used to, hence more contrails as there are more jet aircraft about.” – John Holmes, senior forecaster for Netweather(dot)tv.

  20. PersianPaladin

    “If you access the CAA website they give a link to where you can purchase a map showing all the air routes over the UK. Possibly one of you may be able to point to a web site which shows one of these. Once you have seen the airways then you will appreciate why they may seem like cross roads in places when conditions are right for contrails…”


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