The CFR’s CIA Controls Evergreen Air

Anthony J Hilder and Gary Richard Arnold interview Clay Douglas, The Free American, about chemtrails, Evergreen Air, the Federal Reserve, and more. For more on chemtrails, geoengineering, Evergreen, and much more, visit

24 thoughts on “The CFR’s CIA Controls Evergreen Air

  1. a2zhandi

    maybe. I’d bet it’ll be up to us to reverse all satan has done.
    IMHO that’ll be our path to peace & pros? parity (heaven on earth)

  2. a2zhandi

    they got their mitts in EVERYTHING. Even though we are many. Many many don’t? have a clue. Many many don’t care, Many many refuse to leave their comfort zone. Well it looks almost like an even match. I say go for it!!

  3. kcraigdc

    I believe they are using these Heavy Metals on us for many reasons one I also believe is so we better show up on tracking radar (celldar), in order for? radar to work it has to pick up a metal signature. And Celldar using cell phone? technology to track us, anywhere there is cell phone service they can track and see us.

  4. roxy777lopez777

    We have the number one video on Evergreen because our team went? there in person rather than just talk about it. AND FYI Google Earth DOES show the entire layout.

  5. Harold Saive

    Global Obesity is coincident with Chemtrails and HAARP clouds. Are the signals from HAARP? causing us to over-eat?…Think about it. Both issues are “global”.

  6. Anne Lane

    the GEORGIA STONES…..calling for killing all but the very rich actually is ……THE DEVIL’S IMITATION OF GOD’S 10 COMMANDMENTS tablets which were? carved by GOD’s own hand so as god’s commands PRESERVE LIFE, makes sense devils command is to kill life but DEVIL’S GONNA LOSE CUZ THE BIBLE SAYS SO!!!!

  7. Cynthia Hamil

    Please research Agenda 21. You are? talking about this legislation, but are NOT calling it by name. You need to see my hub article called “The Chemtrail Chronicles” — this will give you a number of videos and links that will explain what is going on. Please watch Michael Shaw’s videos on Agenda 21 (the videos with Michael at the podium).

  8. reformedbro1

    My question is local and state as well as federal governments,are breathing the same shit !!! Now some know and some don’t know!!but they are breathing the same air therefore are getting that shit to!!what about the ones that are spraying they are expose to it ,what about the ones that work there???are? they doing chelation therepy shoud we do that

  9. Dave Dietz

    he is right about 1933, however, we wouldn’t have gotten to that additional incremental step without the Federal Reserve act of 1913, you have to go back that far. check out my website.

    truthknowledge.? com

  10. TheFBImostwanted

    Looks like a scene from the fim” SUGARLAND EXPRESS… is there a young hot Golidi? Hawn in that Trailer ??

  11. iondetox

    I exposed this in 1989, when they sprayed my farms. As a high school? graduate, I found the soluble aluminum at 3000 parts per MILLION in plant fiber. I spend over $160,000 to investigate this attack to our land. Agricultural Extension Agents published articles that say “Checkerboard Pattern Drought,” because my photos show right angle death in infra red, where the planes cris crossed in my field. It’s not a Conspiracy Theory,” when it happens to you !

  12. coho4ever

    i have photos of chem trail planes with RED bottoms flying over west coast towns…the red bottoms? have also been filmed spraying over Greece/Europe..Do you know -who the F…are they?

  13. MrPathologigk

    hi you guys…they do it also over cologne germany….the people beat you, bring you? law, if you show them…

  14. yvonne bailey

    Well done Clay and thank you. This spraying is going on in Britain as well as everywhere else. I hope that peop[le will start to get off their arses and just look and bloody question what is oing? on – WITHOUT OUR PERMISSION AND WITH TAX PAYERS MONEY!


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