The Chemtrail Controversy

We see them all the time; strange new ‘cloud formations’ that come out of the wings of an airplane and slowly expand to sometimes fill the whole sky with a milky white ‘cloud’. Is someone ‘doing this to us’? If so, who? And why? And why is it never mentioned in the corporate media? This program presents a lot of information, some of it quite shocking, about the Chemtrail story. © 2012 Lazarus Productions © 2012 Victoria Geo-Engineering Watch Excerpt from “What In The World Are They Spraying?” © 2010 Truth Media Productions. Courtesy of Michael J Murphy.

13 thoughts on “The Chemtrail Controversy

  1. Balizabet

    While I do think the chemtrails are truly nefarious, I live in a very unpopulated area and I see? the ovespraying thick giant trails night and day some towns that have perhaps 100 permanent residents etc….very few people….I think perhaps they wish to affect the soils as well….dont know but its not just populated areas.

  2. Hoverbot1TV

    Wow just found this after some idiot at? UVIC science sky watch started ridiculing me after saying at the least you can now see the pollution! Uvic! University of Victoria employee saying it is a myth.

  3. canuckfanjosh

    if you want to help raise awareness of? chemtrails in the general population, come to QVs Bakery Cafe on Sunday nights at 7pm and meet some of the people in this video. The group is called We Are Change Victoria. we meet every sunday at 7pm at QVs Bakery Cafe at the corner of Fisgard and Government St.

  4. ederfeder1

    I have been photographing these Chemtrails for years.. in BC.. now I am in Alberta and they continue with a twist… they are using? some agent to dry out the area… it looks like rain, the rain never comes… hello food shortage !

  5. SilkMeadow

    Caponester1 ~ do you work for the government [as in politician]? Cuz what you wrote is their ignorant response. You obviously did not watch the video and anyone who cannot tell the difference between a chemtrail and contrail would have to be blind (or in a trance that the idiot box in your living room? has put you under).

  6. michaellilly2001

    This doesn’t explain why you can see chemtrails and contrails at the same time at similar altitudes. Also, what about David Keith’s testimony at the AAAS meeting? What about the dozens of patents related to Stratospheric Aerosol Geo-engineering that identically match what we see in the sky? Water vapour trails don’t spread out into a white shield that spans the entire sky all? day, completely blocking the sunlight. Please watch the show in it’s entirety.

  7. Caponester1

    These are contrails! A contrail is the condensation trail that is left behind by a passing jet plane. Contrails? form when hot humid air from jet exhaust mixes with environmental air of low vapour pressure and low temperature. The length of time that a contrail lasts is directly proportional to the amount of humidity that is already in the atmosphere. A drier atmosphere leads to a more short-lived contrail, while an atmosphere that has more humidity will lead to longer-lived contrails.

  8. ThePjamiller

    Congratulations to the concerned people in Victoria, B.C. Canada who have created this documentary. I too live in Victoria, and have become aware of geo-engineering in our region only since last spring. Since then, my research into the many patents for weather modification w/geo-engineering methods has been an eye-opener,? as well as Monsanto’s patents. I do not consent to the alteration of the air I breathe w/ aluminum, barium, strontium or any particle. It’s time for class action lawsuits.

  9. thinkofwhy

    Geo Engineering, terrorism, war, economic depression, pollution, …etc, are merely symptoms of the greater disorder, which is the global power and control hierarchy (GPCH) fueled by the global monetary system (GMS).

    The GPCH is a social structure that absorbs human life-force energy at the bottom, in the form business debt, and transfers it to the top levels, in the form of interest? payments, where it is used to increase control of the bottom levels. Government is merely the catalyst.

  10. TheBgcheez

    I am fortunate as I don’t recall ever? seeing these in the sky as a kid. I was in Anacortes last year and then Vancouver Island and it was so thick you could walk across the sky.

  11. euroclydon1962

    All “geo-engineering” spraying is only done upwind over large population centers (cities). If it is a GLOBAL cooling project, why would this be? The “save the planet” cover story is bogus dis-info believable only to the most doltish and naive (Billions of tons of toxic poison are constantly being unloaded into the atmosphere and somehow this is good for the environment?). Chemtrails are a targeted attack on the human population by the globalist? cabal.


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