The Chemtrail & Geoengineering Conspiracy-New Evidence August 2012 (WITWATS)

A growing number of people all around the globe are looking up to the skies to see long, lingering lines spewing out of the rear of aircraft & wondering, “Wh…

23 thoughts on “The Chemtrail & Geoengineering Conspiracy-New Evidence August 2012 (WITWATS)

  1. ez4me252

    Thank you for making this film. It’s opened my eyes and im sure it has informed many others. Im only one person but I definitely will share this film and pass on to others what? I have learned about this most serious situation.

  2. Jazzaconda

    All these trace elements are natrually found within the earth/there fore water ways! Nothing new? here, appart from massivly upping the numbers!

  3. Count Down

    2013 is record breaking ragweed, pollen count of all time! So are profit margins for all the? allergy pharmaceutical companies! They are spraying us for more than one reason.

  4. Linda Klase

    The Globalist are destroying the planet in their? psychopathic quest for a Utopia for themselves where they think they will live forever! Can it get any worse? Yes.

  5. T.J. Vliet

    I have asked before, isn’t the vid at 37 secs, enough proof. there is a contrail being made next to them chem-trails. if they are all contrails “” why is only that one dispersing at a rapid pace.
    I say just because contrails? are real, doesn’t mean chem-trails are fake.

  6. GalileoGalileisGhost

    Hasn’t anyone else noticed that whenever anyone posts verifiable facts, shills vote? it down or flag as spam? Happened when I posted about US Patent No. 5003186 Stratospheric Welsbach Seeding For Reduction? Of Global Warming/Spraying w/Aluminum. Many patents exist for weather/climate modification. That article by Global Research, AWESOME! Patent 7582809 Aluminum Tolerant Gene; Monsanto, their seed vault & corporate denial tactic to deter public? outcry, not a coincidence. People need to know…

  7. Rebel Syren

    Thanks! Those patents are absolutely real! I read WM Law, the court? cases involving weather modification profiteers, WOW! Amazing information kept out of the mainstream, must be why the denial scam is in full operation explains the shills are rampantly attacking awareness videos! Google & read “Doomsday Seed Vault In The Arctic, Bill Gates, Rockefeller and the GMO Giants Know Something We Don’t” by Global Research. Lots of information to learn & dots to connect. Fact checking blasts shills! 😉

  8. et6151

    Thank you so much for this video. I see them spray chemtrails right outside my home and I’m constantly looking up because the clouds are not what they use to be. I’ve noticed how the skies? are not as blue and clear when I’ve noticed chemtrails being sprayed and I want to yell up and tell them to stop but they can’t hear me. I’ve shared this video with my friends and family on FB. Thanks again.

  9. tonythatjesusloves

    if you needed proof that psychopaths run the world , chem trails? are proof that you cannot even imagine what real evil and madness is

  10. EdgeAllTheWay43

    Go to the website by typing in “How to debunk Chemtrails” into Google and look under the sub-category “Chemical Tests, Aluminum, Barium, Etc.”? It explains how those results from testing plane plumes can sometimes be unreliable.

  11. kidjr27

    You can’t debunk them.. The contents of the planes plume were tested.. I have no idea what the? heck info you speak of man but it’s hogwash whatever it is.. I literally have the lab results of these tests in my possession. No matter what you say, the truth is still the truth.. Just saying..

  12. EdgeAllTheWay43

    let me give you some insight into the other side of the argument. Youtube won’t let me type in url’s? to go to google and type in “How to debunk contrails.” It should be the first thing that comes up. Don’t just read the main page of the website. Click on the links as well.

  13. EdgeAllTheWay43

    which results in changes in criteria for? the definitions of certain atmospheric processes. Chemtrail believers tend to take advantage of the fact that meteorology is an imperfect science in order to prove that chemtrails do indeed exist.

  14. EdgeAllTheWay43

    And that’s why I’m a troll? How is providing a counter-argument being a troll? If I were to say “Chemtrails are not real because I said so” then that’s being a troll. That “convincing bullshit” has been studied and developed for decades and not for the purpose of proving the chemtrail believers wrong. Definitions are changed because meteorology is a hard subject to get exactly right. As technology? advances the atmosphere can be studied more effectively and therefore be understood more…

  15. kidjr27

    Sorry but that’s? bull crap.. I have studied, and I remember the exact day in 2004 when the definitions of certain things were changed. When one controls the propaganda one can put any definition they want. I understand they are capable or writing up some pretty convincing bullshit but that’s the illusion many of us can see through and many can’t:|

  16. EdgeAllTheWay43

    I’ve said this to many people in the past.? If you want to prove that chemtrails do exist, you must not only be informed on the subject of chemtrails. You must also know something about meteorology and atmospheric dynamics. The long-lasting, on-and-off, strange-looking contrails can be explained if you do a bit of research and give the other side of the argument some time. Take a class or read a book on atmospheric dynamics and thermodynamics and you’ll see the other side of the argument.

  17. EdgeAllTheWay43

    “We are the chosen obviously.” Wow! You must love being “awake.” Makes you feel egotistical, self-confident, self-indulgent, and better than everybody else. These are the traits of a stereotypical conspiracy theorist (or believer if you don’t like the term theorist). Honestly, even if chemtrails? were proven to be 100% true, I would still have absolutely no respect for the stereotypical conspiracy theorists, because even after that they’ll continue to be self-indulgent assholes.

  18. insightfulcarrier

    We should expose this material to new,grass root, politicians so that they can grow in number and start true inquires into? this phenomena, determine specifically who is to blame & prosecute them for crimes against humanity. Immediately,we could go to a smaller country to appeal to them to start an inquiry… Maybe in Iceland where they got rid of “Big Brother”


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