The Chemtrail Orb UFO Phenomena

Thursday, December 2, 2010 – San Diego, CA – Stratospheric Aerosol Geo-engineering planes spray chemtrails that spread out in vibrational patterns and form w…

24 thoughts on “The Chemtrail Orb UFO Phenomena

  1. mjindraify

    I have several pictures of the orbs right near the chem trail line. If everyone would take their camera out and start shooting the chem trail line in fast succession and go down the line of the chemtrail, out of 30 pics, you? might catch one photo with an orb in it. I use a Canon rebel, and just snap as many pics as I can, going down the chem trail line. Most days, don’t
    catch any orbs, then some days, I do. Everyone should start snapping pics, you’ll see one eventually. They are FAST.

  2. 666ufoMr

    yes, saw this in Sydney near chemtrail, are they comming close to analyse the composition ?
    they just seem to hover next to it then disappear, on 24th march 2012 saw lovely site 5 white orbs, 2 red flying easterly over Sydney, then? started research

  3. OneGirl007

    Stop at 5:24, and see all the demonic faces, that are coming out of this stuff. Hell is coming home,? and evil is falling upon us!

  4. Cloudy011

    Fourteen years chems and me been around world,, I am done. They dont exsist I refuse too believe they ever exsisted and -it- will never? effect me!

  5. colosalkompakt

    Why alter our atmosphere? in the first place?
    Us humans have evolved into this world so altering it could bring our downfall.

  6. NonstopLyrics

    That is why these? “chemtrails” spread out in vibrational patterns, remember frequency waves cause that.

  7. NonstopLyrics

    Chemtrails might have chemicals in it, but here’s? one thing for sure people. Don’t forget this. CHEMTRAILS increase frequency strength. Anything click? HAARP uses it, why? No clue. But my dad is a meteorologist and he just heard of chemtrails… He’s a specialist and he says it’s PLAUSIBLE, heck he said it was close to real.

  8. Cynthia Hamil

    Are you the one that asked if I knew anything about orbs? I have photographed them on occasion. When I was in a meet group that visited haunted places in the San Diego area, I would often film orbs? that would show up when I developed my film.

  9. Cynthia Hamil

    Chemtrail Breakthrough — Year and a half research project leads to the truth about chemtrails.
    Go to — read the article called… Chemtrails: The “Shocking” Truth

    The video sequence on? this shows the full link with chemtrails and directed energy weapons and high tech surveillance technology.

  10. Satire X Millennial Generation

    THIS MORGELLONS IS VERY REAL! Just four days ago i was ranting about morgellons just for kicks and coincidentally my girlfriend’s friend’s uncle in San Diego was seeing black spikes coming out of a few lesions in his hand. The doctors simply told him it was from some obscure happening relating to the algae/bacteria in the soil he must have come in to contact with. This is what everyone is being told! Anyone who has ever been in an anatomy class may have heard of morgellons.?

  11. Satire X Millennial Generation

    WATCH MY VIDEO! REAL UFO VIDEO Upright Cylindrical/rectangular glowing object? mimicking star!! A theory is that the chemtrails are ways to protect the people from chemical and radioactive threats. Apparently, the particles are possibly to clean up radiation?


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