The Chemtrail Phenomena

Research scientist Clifford Carnicom discussed his latest findings in the chemtrail phenomenon. Differentiating chemtrails from contrails, he noted that cont…

9 thoughts on “The Chemtrail Phenomena

  1. BlueAngel rebel

    It’s really sad to look up in the? sky and see these at least 3 times a week in the four corners part of the US. When I show ppl, they just get a blank look on their faces like they haven’t ever noticed. Just want to slap them awake!

  2. geo linkin

    too bad this shit doesn’t work on mosquitos! seems like they gel in this toxic soup!

    ps. glad I made it to the ripe old age of 47: feel sorry for the youth of our world, though…not much to look forward to. some? day, they’ll say: What do you mean, blue skies?


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