THE CHEMTRAIL RAIN – Biological warfare tested against a small US town (Swedish) Biological warfare against a small US town in 1994, this was tested against a small town. more info to come. spread this! Also Add your videos here. all over the world we are beeing aware of the chemtrails. there are many theory on what chemtrail are, nobody knows for sure. But we do know that it is not GOOD. Chemtrails are killing our Bee’s BIRDS FALLING OUT OF THE SKY and many more. In 3 years i have asked friends and strangers on CHEMTRAILS which are every time when the sun is clear. Do you know that most people are to brainwashed to understand what is going on. They don´t want to ask or want to know. http http The only way we can have any hope of getting to the bottom of this, and to stop our skies from being polluted, is to raise awareness of this subject. We need to get the word out to as many people as possible. Please remember to rate, comment and share this video. ————————- RMP PRODUCTION please share this, also rate! this is a re-edit version

25 thoughts on “THE CHEMTRAIL RAIN – Biological warfare tested against a small US town

  1. Freddieboy44

    If the media approved this airing, then you can rest assured that this is a hoax. It’s what the media is not reporting on that should scare you.

  2. Adideva01

    I also see these Chemtrails on the way to work in the morning, also when on my morning break.
    yesterday I was a t a temple function and saw this demons spraying this in the sky.
    This demoniac, and this is what GOV called democracy when in reality is DEMON CRAZY…
    And you thought terrorist are bad what theF@$K you call this absolutely DEMONIAC.


  3. marcusborg83

    Hello, We have heavy chemtrail in Sweden but I wonder if they use different tactics, we have many days with a lot or natural clouds, some times the chemtrails lie over the clouds. I have had contact with members of the Swedish parliament, there is a small chance someone will adress the issue. I’ve seen people getting nose bleed when being outside during heavy chemtrail.

  4. TheMorpheusbrasil

    I’m wondering if they have improve the chemtrail program since 1994, and today we have chemical/biological rain, but no more in gelly form, but liquid/water form… here in Brazil we are been attacked strongly by chemtrails, and we had strong rain each 3 days, but when the rain stops you can see the withe chemical skies over the clouds. Also strange rain, quicly light rain ever 5 minutes… I never see it before in my life.

  5. keight1013

    this material is the same stuff they are considering using to control hurricane damage to coastal communities. It is supposed to take a level 5 hurricane down to a level 3. Just saw it on the news recently. Sucks for the testes of that town.

  6. UkTruthSeeker2009

    I should think its enough proof Flipflop that all these people in this town were there to see it and to be affected by it.
    To see them involved talking up is the proof. I believe it was documented a few years ago too.

  7. flipflop1234567890

    your vid description is fucking irritating. its not that people dont want to know, thats an insane thing to believe. its simply that there isnt enough proof or personal experience to raise caution. if this was as widespread as many people say then it would be drawing national attention. in case you forgot news still travels by word of mouth, regardless of technology.

  8. BrenBrat5

    Dynomat a company in florida invented this powder. The initial idea was to use this substance to reduce the intensity of hurricanes. Now I think it’s being used to cause drought. They were also experimenting with aero-gel around the time of this event.

  9. CrudeDude

    Orgonite counters the harmful effects of chemtrails. Simply place a small piece of orgonite between the layers of the foil in your hat.

  10. haldolkills

    The US Code, federal law, allows the government to test biochem warfare on the public during both wartime and national emergencies.


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