(the chemtrail song) A PLANE TRAIL OF DEADLY DECEPTION by trillion feat. Lewka

buy it here: http://trillion.bandcamp.com/album/everything-is-under-control there is no doubt chemtrails and HAARP are real… this video contains a small po…

25 thoughts on “(the chemtrail song) A PLANE TRAIL OF DEADLY DECEPTION by trillion feat. Lewka

  1. Liberty Treebud

    I wish everyone on Long Island would see this video. Everyone condemned by
    UNITED STATES, INC. and their sick agenda of death.

  2. carl shadbolt

    you views are of ignorance !! do some real research and you might learn
    something!! con trails are not like chemtrails just watch the planes some
    have nothing coming out but many do !! so why ?? do some produce massive
    clouds of chemtrails and some do not if it wadnt happening all planes would
    spray crap out !! ?? wouldnt you think so ! so what is it then if not
    chemtrails con trails?? but then every plane would have then would they ,,,
    simply look up a see !! you might be shocked

  3. Ryan Schlicker

    Ive been tracking these and i notice people getting sick after they are
    sprayed. Not kidding. And they have been spraying them alot more frequently.

  4. 06sterling

    With all of the lies and foul play going on behind the scenes, why are we
    focused on water vapor? Some people will believe anything they see on the
    internet but won’t stand up for their own rights. C2C sent me here.

  5. Truth_Desperado82

    It’s true. Look up what our government did above St. Louis in the 40’s.
    enough proof for me. They did it before. So yeah. Truth. Period.

  6. Moko K

    Dude, this is off the chain!!! Love it. This is some serious knowledge
    dropped with some dope beats. Thanks, this really fresh and made my day.

  7. changethecurrent

    we got to stop this, Atlantic Canada looked apocalyptic today. Its was the
    scariest thing I ever saw,, never been so glad to see night fall!

  8. Riff Raft Jones

    I do not believe that chemtrails are manmade. Take a look at my videos.
    These vids filmed off my cellphone show the results of chemtrails . Strange
    , mutating hexagonal crystalline energy beings. Why are no governments up
    in arms over this given the current world situation? earth is under attack;
    fighting back against the invasion. Its inter dimensional .from outside of
    our 3d Realm. Its absorbing changing ;erasing ; replacing us with a
    pattern, emf irradiation. they want our space.

  9. techstud702

    @NWOisFINISHED Also, who would want everyone dead or completely mentally
    retarded and have enough to cash to buy a fleet of planes and chemicals
    enough to cover half the northern hemisphere with aluminum on a daily
    basis??? Who is dying from this? What farm areas have been wiped out? I
    just drove through the pacific northwest from Yellowstone, to Seattle and
    down to San Fran and Yosemite and everywhere I went the land and forests
    looked very healthy and I didn’t get sick and/or die.

  10. beachcomber2008

    any kind in the exhaust So there is NEITHER aluminum NOR barium present in
    ANY TRAIL, because trails ALWAYS begin with a GAP ANY organic material WILL
    burn in a jet flame at 2,500 degrees C to produce that GAP, for carbon
    dioxide (invisible) and steam (invisible) is what they MUST make No metals.
    No organics. Just spent fuel and air So ALL aircraft trails are DEFINITELY


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