(the chemtrail song) A PLANE TRAIL OF DEADLY DECEPTION by trillion feat. Luca

there is no doubt chemtrails and HAARP are real… this video contains a small portion of the visual evidence uploaded by skywatchers. it may come as a surprise to some of you that your own video or photo is in this video montage. collectively this evidence is indisputable, so thanks to everyone who contributed without knowing! please spread the word… people are waking up to our governments lies, daily! Lyrics: TRILLION SAYS: (it’s a bird it’s a plane it’s…) …chemtrails another fully blown lie “if we don’t stop global warming then we surely gon die” but the government claims, they’re all Contrails, but the con trails on for too long beyond vales everyone can see aero-spray clear as day what goes up, must come down – theorists say it’s falling down – it truly is, we taste and smell it trace elements collated – scientific debates develop base elements it’s evident – aluminum oxide and barium – prevalent – a million crops die it dissolves in water but dehydrates the rain wrecks immune systems, heart, lungs and dilates the brain Aluminum ingestion – stands next beside ethylene dibromide – a banned pesticide other mysterious substances analyzed in residues sticky microscopic polymer fibers in septic brews highly toxic biohazard pathogens and funguses Operation Clover Leaf – bad luck and one to miss asthma, allergies, pneumonia and bronchitis now breathing is detrimental for long life bliss cos they spray poison thru the sky, to poison you an i… who paints out blue

25 thoughts on “(the chemtrail song) A PLANE TRAIL OF DEADLY DECEPTION by trillion feat. Luca

  1. FreeTruthShow

    excellent as usual , trillion. they say the pen is mightier than the sword. your music is powerful. it’s written in the georgia stones ‘maintain the population at 500 million’. ‘Be not a cancer on the earth’ crap.

    You , my friend, are the sword that shatters the stone.

  2. NZtrillion

    all the hatred and negativity has happened to much that it’s just turned into a comedy. i can only laugh at these people who have so much information at their fingertips, yet they still can’t put the puzzle together. ‘love thy enemy’ it just confuses them :)
    keep on rolling!!

  3. KuSkinn1

    @NZtrillion very well said man, its just incredible, i dont even know what to say, ecxept keep up the good work man. Even if it takes them to hate you for telling the truth like you say 😉

  4. NZtrillion

    well. many americans can clearly see the lies, but i think the majority are so blinded, racist, stupid, manipulated and mind controlled that they think america is FREE and they are the centre of the universe.. so far from the truth! even when presented with the TRUTH they still won’t believe it cos it doesn’t fit into their perception of themselves, history or their govt… they did a good job of breeding a malleable, easily controlled and robotic society. the ultimate slave system!

  5. KuSkinn1

    @NZtrillion so it is true, america is playing god.. but why do the people accept this ? are americans really so dumbed down that they think its a good thing with a millitary trying to play god with no respect what so ever for humanity ?

  6. ulteriormotivator

    love the song and question the reality but better to ask then to bury our minds under the banner of “simply can’t be” > how do we forget the past and ignore present atrocities implemented by many powerful nations > do not go back to your tv show…that’s what they are relying on. Complacency = complicity

    remember the 3 phases of truth revealed
    1. blissful ignorance
    2. violent opposition
    3. acceptance

  7. NZtrillion

    yep, it’s here:
    trillion. bandcamp. com/track/11-a-plane-trail-of-deadly-deception

    take out the spaces in the url…

  8. MagnusThePcNerd

    I want this song up for download.
    Anyone know a place?
    I can use THe converter thingy but there will be like a minute of extra space that isnt the song.

  9. dallimamma

    Humans all over the world are waking up this morning and realizing we have been duped into oblivion. Google marijuana + conspiracy to find out how the last 100 years have turned us all against each other in the name of corporate greed.

  10. julioshawtylean76

    who the fuck think chem trail is not real or atlest not harmless atleast it cause pollison but it does way more damage than that but nobody or few people question the government remember their suppose to work 4 us and if we dont like their job we can replace them still most the government corrupt as fuck what the fuck it seems like we work 4 them pay their sallary they controll the country and fuck us up was up with that fuck them 4 that open ur mind I like 2 party 2 but their liers

  11. kworld01

    This is really well done editing, and music works, the oil disaster is one thing, this might be even more concerning

  12. WebOfEvidence

    That is excellent. Thank-you for your wonderful contribution. I suspect history will show that this multi-faceted form of warfare had a profound impact upon humanity. How ironic then that so few people are aware of it. Your work helps to wake people up.

  13. WESTCOAST6789

    @Eroc9er u relies that chem trails just showed up rite out of no where one day clear skies the next trails started showing up over major cities what the trail are doing is stabilizing are atmosphere but this chemicals shouldnt be coming down on people some people are affected sometimes with just allergy symptoms and some people get really sick for that day the chem trials are the ones that are big and are lower than ur regular contrails


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