24 thoughts on “The chemtrails raiders

  1. ella5024

    @damosapian They are not real airplanes. I have seen them go head on towards each other. They can disappear into thin air. They are not real airplanes with? pilots in them.

  2. Piksis2009

    Search in? youtube Nikola Aleksic chemtrails and GMO food speech, the beginning of a revolution, an example that everybody should follow. Please organize, spread date and places to protest in every chemtrail video. Justice to our planet.

  3. HighArchDruidMorph

    good job my friend…not one was a passenger airliner….lets shoot them down…enough is? enough!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. 53Sickpig

    Great Video! This is unbeliveble…
    That’s incredible. Very clear evidence
    Thanks and i will suport u in Germany!?

  5. marketsdata

    Awesome, I see the blue bottom guys? all the time when spraying is taking place. I especially liked the ending good catch

  6. TheAntitanker

    Ha ha ha ha..? altro che il mio primo filmato con Corel ((: QUESTO SI CHE E’ UN FILMATO!

    Grande Straker!! (( ;


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