The Crazies – Chemtrail Zombies and FEMA Camps (Hollywood exploits the chemtrail agenda) Part 3/3

In this 3 part series we examine the Hollywood movie “The Crazies” (2010) Summary – A chemtrail jet crashes in a small towns water supply turning the residence of the town into zombies but is the zombification due to the actual crash or to ongoing spraying? The military arrives and takes over the town rounding up the locals into FEMA camps and killing people at will. This is part of Illuminati philosophy. They must show you what they are doing either in schools, books or most often movies so that they can say they warned you and thus blame your free will for allowing it to happen. They believe they can thus negate the cosmic law of karma and continue to do evil. Also when someone mentions that people are getting sick from chemtrails the programmed response will be “oh you just watch too many zombie movies” Chemtrails are a real and ongoing global military series of experiments. You have been warned.

25 thoughts on “The Crazies – Chemtrail Zombies and FEMA Camps (Hollywood exploits the chemtrail agenda) Part 3/3

  1. 441rider

    Great review but remember the more credit you give it bad or good the more it works. It’s no different than Jacobs Ladder or Andromeda strain. Rehash made current to Alex Jones kool aid masses. Keep them busy thinking, LOL!

  2. MrMinutemen

    thnx, nice work! so there will be sequels.. horay.. :(

    John Wayne killed 1000’s of amercians. in hollywood war propaganda

    God i love spanish cinema..

  3. handydude6

    @finefilth Here in this area. All summer we have had few chemtrails. It seems the skies here get the most, just before a Pacific storm comes in. Now we are in for it. All winter long last year it was non stop.

  4. finefilth

    after 2 years of continuous round the clock spraying(day and night) they have stopped for 4 days straight…i hate chemtrails !

  5. handydude6

    Watching this vid…. as my skies in the San Francisco Bay area are being Chemtrailed; like there is no tomorrow. Sky was beautiful blue this morning. Now it is 3/4 overcast. In another hour sky will be completely covered.

  6. Matey3

    Thanks for sharing!
    I wished ppl would not buy anything from them, we already pay income taxes to these evil sub human vultures, not 1 red cent of out income taxes go to the govt. we indeed do not have a govt. we have a bunch of criminal bank robbers who r mad and psychotic yet many millions of stupid idiots take order from them bcs of the money they receive. the worthless fiat money which is not even fit to be used as toilet paper let alone trade!
    Watch Aaron Russo’s America Freedom to Fascism!

  7. InfiniteFreeThinkers

    I agree, thats why alot of wars, killings and “invasions” are carried out on certain pagan/black holidays…like may 1st among others…april 19 and 20 seems to pop up alot too…

  8. InfiniteFreeThinkers

    it seems the effects on the town are due to the toxic shit being concentrated since the plane crashed and it spilled..the overall chemtrailing is a slow process, a soft kill weapon…if not exactly so in this film, at least in reality this is the case…slow/soft kill by wearing down the immune system.

  9. geofffxdwg07

    They don’t try to hide anything evil they do.This is correct but I want you to know something I found out years ago.They also do this because it is Ritualistic.Their ritual’s are used for education for their inbred heirs to see a demonstration of respect or submission and how superior they are compared to us.Magic ritual purely in psychological terms as a powerful means of autosuggestion and of contacting the unconscious mind.This is a way for them to over come their own low self esteem as well.

  10. ghosthunternumberone

    @videocruzer I’m pretty sure they picked this for the closing song because Freemasons worship Halios aka Appolyon the sun god! Go here for more info Gorilla198 channel! Movies all use sun symbolism, usually on walls in the background or on cushions, bed covers etc , as well as countless camera shots directly at the sun!

  11. ghosthunternumberone

    @bloodcrest007 There all full of Conspiracy, there made by Freemasons & most of the actors are Masons also!

  12. ghosthunternumberone

    Notice that the couple holding hands are also forming a subliminal M, for Mason! Actors in this movie & countless others are making secret Masonic M hand signs on camera! Watch out for it! Also Crank 2 – High Voltage, the skies are full of Chemtrials on that!

  13. videocruzer

    interesting pick fon the closing song.
    the crazy zombies will be the ones that have been feeding pharma and cell companies with whats left of them. it only takes 2000 hrs b4 U will show signs of early senility. people its a hand held micro wave device.
    the damage is cumulative. the nano tubes on the cell was retract now the cells in the body are in a state of emergency. even when u nuke food, the body sees toxic invading molecules. keeping heads down and in the dark is what they want.

  14. videocruzer

    tann bann in victoria.. the synthesis from the uvb when the skin hits it greats vitamin D3. 1000iu per minute from full body sun exposure on a clear blue sky day. 40-60 nano grams per milliliter and your death rate if U have cancer is down by 75%. and if you are at the those levels doctors say U do not get sick.
    the attack on the sun is heating up. they show pics of a girl that has clear micro wave burns, now dead from cancer and they spin it that it is the uv from the tann lamps and the sun.


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