4 thoughts on “The crazies-Chemtrails

  1. shadowhunter388

    What I believe is:

    1. Destabilizing population.
    2. Plane crashes causing massive amounts of this population destabilize which causes the brain heme-raging and shit.
    3.Government guy in the SUV says “He destabilized the wrong one” (Which means he didn’t mean to kill the whole town but to kill them slowly and spread more.
    4.Soldiers escort survivors in van. Survivors are burned so they don’t tell who did it.
    5.Soldiers are lied to.
    6.Nuke Cover up saying it was a chemical plant fire.

  2. katydig

    I just watched this movie last night and my son and I both immediately caught the “clue” from the scene of chemtrails, strategically placed in a scene immediately preceding the discovery of the pilot. This movie is overtly about a military plane carrying a biotoxin that crashed and contaminated a civilian population … but covertly it’s about chemtrails and military containment. According to Alex Jones, actual government documents say they put aluminum dioxide & barium salts in jet fuel. Why?

  3. shadowhunter388

    Fuck look at them trails. I couldn’t belive how crazy it looked it looked like real life but 1 aircraft.


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