The end of Chemtrail programs funded by Bill Gates?

Bill Gates, who has been funding geoengineering research for three years. Gates is also an investor in a firm named Intellectual Ventures that is promoting a scheme called StratoShield, which would pump sulphur dioxide into the upper atmosphere through a hose held aloft by blimps. This method of releasing sulphur dioxide is more viable than spraying SO2 from aircraft. Introducing the StratoShield- We’ve been working on some ideas related to climate change, as a kind of backup plan in case human effort to curb emissions don’t succeed fast enough to prevent devastating ecological damage. One of the ideas that has captured our imagination is replicating the way volcanoes have at times brought down the temperature of the planet by erupting sulfur dioxide particles up into the stratosphere. We’ve invented a “hose to the sky” we call the StratoShield, which is a comparatively cost effective way to do this. The invention is profiled in SuperFreakonomics and we’re hoping to have some scientific discussion about its potential- For the first time we’ve got some technical details to share publicly. Please take a look at this StratoShield White Paper if you’d like to know more- Climate Science- StratoShield- NEW SCIENTIST MAGAZINE CONCERNS- An evil atmosphere is forming around geoengineering- Intellectual Ventures Lab » Introducing the StratoShield.mp4

25 thoughts on “The end of Chemtrail programs funded by Bill Gates?

  1. jh4dc5s

    This Video is Disinfo Bullshit. Since Global warming is a Scam, why would they do this if they already know Global Warming is a scam? Use your brain people. Chemtrails actually Raise temps, makes it hotter, so Chemtrails aren’t going anywhere. Plus they need the Aluminum in Chemtrails to fuel their All Seeing Eye Beam (Norway Spiral). 91177info, your obviously a Disinfo Shill. Thats why you got paranoid when you responded to my last comment about a month ago.

  2. nilbud

    @ravioneu You’re a subnormal piece of shit not fit to be used as target practice. Your cowardly lies about a genuine Hero of Humanity is nothing more than the pathetic squealing of an inferior uneducated moron, you filthy imbecile.

  3. nilbud

    The uneducated filth clogging up america absolutely disgust the rest of the world. You fucking lazy paranoid ignorant cowardly fucktards. The best punishment for you shitheads is to leave you rot in your primitive racist third world hell hole country. You fucking dumb mindless morons.


    PS to the warming skeptics…Vietnam is now raising shrimp in their rice fields because of sea level rise. They actually boosted their economy, so humans can adapt.

  5. luc59457

    Further oxidation of SO2, usually in the presence of a catalyst such as NO2 (jetfuel), forms H2SO4, and thus acid rain
    Sulfur dioxide emissions are also a precursor to particulates in the atmosphere. Both of these impacts are cause for concern over the environmental impact of these fuels.Sulfur dioxide has no role in mammalian biology. Inhaling sulfur dioxide is associated with increased respiratory symptoms and disease, difficulty in breathing, and premature death.

  6. ravioneu

    Bill Monsanto Vaccine Gates. I would be wary of anything associated with this man and those he does business with. A disgusting human being.

  7. kingswinnbad

    intellectual ventures still denying the carbon cycle. It’s funny that sulphur dioxide is a byproduct of burning fossil fuels and causes acid rain.

  8. sallyos06460

    @aerobique I hope aerobique knows what CO2 is. Maybe we should let this idiot know what H20 is. That filthy bottle neck the size of Texas I can see it now. We need to stop all these bottles poisoning the gulf, we have to eliminate H20. LMAO these dumb greenies, why dont you shut up and stop polluting us with your toxic C02. Stop breathing out till you drop dead and we can claim one carbon credit. Whooopeee! Gotta eliminate these damn polluters. Especially these annoying uneducated ones.

  9. HealthyNaturalHumans

    WHY are they building these “Geo-engineering” devices. What race exactly are they geo-engineering earth for exactly?

    Earthlings cannot live comfortably with these chemicals in our air and skies.

    This is blatant genocide and they are openly bragging about how they are going to do it.

    Time for human beings to re-claim back the planet from creatures called pollichickens, who have sold our entire planet for a bag of coinage.

  10. aerobique


    edit: i mean chapter 12

    Check the full talk if your a real “truth seeker”… 😀

    tinyurl com / n3xhxx

  11. aerobique


    im on your side, but most of your fears have not much to do with reality, there is so much(!) fearmonger-propaganda by immoral entities around dude. Dont swallow that all…thats even worse for you as if it all were true..

    However, i found a reasonable talk called “A REALLY Inconvenient Truth” check chapter 5 for geoengineering (also some “chemtrails”). Better watch the full program. Its very informative. Shaking up. Forget alex jones…

    tinyurl com / n3xhxx

  12. TrueGreatness73

    @aerobique Wow, Why do you keep saying that I get my information from fox news? Sounds more like you get your information from fox news. There is no global warming. As a matter of fact this has been one of the coolest summers I have ever had and I live in California. Funny part is that you people always want to believe in so called “scientific” fact yet you guys believe in God. LOL. How can you be against the government yet you get your resources from government websites? You have to be a troll

  13. bearhamo

    @UkTruthSeeker2009 I should have been more specific. My apologies. I meant the global warming due to C02 and future forecasts. I agree they are poisoning us. I made my own video showing it. Peace.

  14. UkTruthSeeker2009

    @aerobique HOW can poisoning us with chemtrails be improoving our lives? It blocks out the sun >we need the sun Vit d3 to stop us getting cancer & other deseases? The land needs sun to grow crops THERE IS NO GLOBAL WARMING Only them pretending there is by trying to own the weather No links will change how we feel WE DONT WANT GEOENGINEERING WE WANT FRESH AIR ,blue skies and to beable to stay healthy. SINCE SPRAYING STARTED Many people have got Asthma and infections??

  15. aerobique


    the “co2 lies” (!?) of course STILL come from nearly every scientific body on this planet. Not from al gore´s (quite inspiring) speeches.

    Al Gore by the way… was the man “they” replaced with george w. bush. Nonetheless gore got 1 million more votes…(!) What a luck, huh? evil environmentalism…drill baby drill…

    Controlled by fox news & corporate friends… you sheep.

  16. UkTruthSeeker2009

    @bearhamo Have you looked up what these chemicals can do?
    Acid Rain, Land Damage,drouts,killing crops, In all their documentation it says that we could end up with a sulphur filled sky forever I want sunshine ,Vitamin d3 all what nature Intended NOT POISON. Its based on their theories remember the Georgian Guide stones?


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