The Homelys – All Our Lives ( Chemtrails )

Big download day coming up, everyone keep checking back and download! Sitting in the garden watching the planes going by I started thinking what the sky was like when I was a child Hey Jumbo jet you’re a slug leaving trails behind Got to look up and wake up you’ll be amazed at what you find What’s going wrong in our skies? Have you seen what they’re leaving behind? Chemical trails poisoning lives Don’t say you’re proud, get you’re head out of the clouds I wrote down chemtrails, I googled it on line Secretly wishing it was me who was losing my mind But I’m not alone there’s a million questions like mine But don’t you get restless, there’s six billion on our side All of those pilots, so sadly they fly Taking their orders, without asking why The truth is within us, and guess where it lies? In all our lives Ignorance was bliss I guess, but now we’re all getting wise So smile if you want to smile, we know where the power lies It lies in all our lives.

25 thoughts on “The Homelys – All Our Lives ( Chemtrails )

  1. TheAnalogical

    The youtube hits are not corresponding to how many listen to this song… we have done an experiment to see if thats true and it is….? wonder why that is then eh????

  2. TheAnalogical

    I know at least ten of my firends have listened to this and I have about 5 times and yet the number of 3,495 has remained the same…. they aint tellling you? the truth about how many are actually listening to this guys!

  3. DaDev

    E’ singolare come i disinformatori.. ehm… i buffoni di corte come wasp insultano tutti con l’epiteto PUPPA, sembra ke solo loro? abbiano il permesso di usarlo :) ah, e poi si lamentano se gli rispondi come si meritano. bella eh la pnl??

  4. mrconradhoppe

    they could easily use anthrax, so why dont they want us dead? They already have all the money, hello, they either want your soul, or they actually feed off of fear and evil shit, or all your dreams? are going into some sort of borg. Or go ahead, you tell me.


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