The Moon Is Your Worst Nightmare!

A compilation of images on the back side of the moon that were covered up by Nasa. This shows tubes and connections to thousands of towers that are buildings made in a fashion that will totally make you think – WOW! Here is the link to the main image. try this yourself if you dis-believe. Here is another link to the large images I worked with so you can search for things yourself.

25 thoughts on “The Moon Is Your Worst Nightmare!

  1. Awaken2Infinite2


  2. Clement1964

    okay this is great footage!! thx for this info. William Cooper spoke about? this allready in “behold a pale horse” this is for me the confirmation that behind the power on earth is an alien force. it explains why there is so much evil and war against humanity

  3. supermuble

    A guy speaking in the disclosure project, an EX government worker, said he saw actual photos of the backside of the moon, and there were many many buildings. Also, in the book? “Alien Agenda” by Jim Marrs, there is a great amount of information about structures being observed on the moon with telescopes, and the structures have been known to appear, and then later disapear. Bridges, towers, and strange lights on the moon have been observed with telescopes for hundreds of years.

  4. SlackerSlayer

    @Fend4urself “what is also amazing is the lack of? trolls and boneheads commenting.”

    The? video is over ten minutes, their attention span is out done here.

  5. Tarkingood

    I am? blown away by this, but I am a huge matrix fan. I do it automatically with everything I look at and almost every photograph I take.You’re right though, there really is no denying the detail. Keep on doing what you’re doing here, I am intrigued….and damned if I didn’t just get a new telescope! Far Out!…

  6. RPeternell

    @exgenica I agree with this as I have seen many artifacts come forth that enhanced certain area’s but to have a full image (Like? the Crocodile) in all of its detail, the chances of this are astronomical. The chances of sharpening a childs stick figure that is really blurred to have all of the toes, eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, fingers appear will never happen. Thank you for your point of view. RPeternell

  7. RPeternell

    @thegooserooster I like you statement. That is a good idea. Crater to Crater, I bet do not match with each other.?

  8. exgenica

    One must understand that using ANY image “enhancing” tool (increasing contrast, sharpness, etc.) introduces artifacts that do not actually exist in the image. The artifacts are the result of the “enhancement” process.

    While it is possible? such tools can reveal otherwise difficult to discern features in images, it is also likely that artifacts have been introduced in the process, and make things appear that are NOT really there. ANY analysis of “enhanced” images needs to keep that in mind.

  9. thegooserooster

    There’s a really good web site called apollo reality that sheds light on the apollo missions and casts doubt onto the veracity of the photos presented by the apollo astronauts.? I know that unmanned craft have orbited the moon, as I have seen the pictures from those missions. I suppose it would be informative to see original releases from the apollo missions and compare them with current unmanned photos from the back side of the moon.

  10. ascpoquliz

    Thanks for sharing!! You’ve been working? hard to bring out many hidden images that haven’t been explored before. I enjoyed so much!!

  11. RPeternell

    @UNTC321 I have studied his work. It makes this video more probable because the aliens would not allow them to? land. The photo I worked with is from photo from the apollo 8 mission.

  12. agelessprajna9

    @RPeternell wonderful work; thank you; i wonder if you know about david icke and his take on what the moon is really all about in his book ‘human race get off your knees’; speaking? of the tower . . .

  13. TruthPortal

    I was taught that? the dark side of the moon would convey a message(s) to all intruders warning them that earth and it’s solar system are under God’s dominion and therefore not to be interfered with unless and until HE were to turn his back on us because of our failings as a species.

    Nice work, Thanks for sharing.

  14. RPeternell

    @thegooserooster I respect your opinion but the craft does not have to be manned to take pictures of the farside of? the moon.

  15. thegooserooster

    You did a good job of detecting the fraudulent nature of the photo’s, but you missed the biggest part of the fraud. The reason for all the photoshopping is due to the fact that these photo’s are? not photos of the moon, but rather photos of a big plaster mock up which nasa used to generate fraudulent photos.

  16. jimmythegentify

    have? you ever looked at the flowery curtains hanging in your bedroom, or walked through a forest, or walked along some craggy cliff tops – obviously not. you would see a thousand times more creepy images. it is called imagination. then again you certainly have a good one:)


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