The Most IMPORTANT CHEMTRAIL Video You’ll Ever See

The Most IMPORTANT CHEMTRAIL Video You’ll Ever See July 15, 2009 videotaped near Calgary, Alberta, Canada Music by FesliyanStudios.

20 thoughts on “The Most IMPORTANT CHEMTRAIL Video You’ll Ever See

  1. wait4meto

    Wow, this is unbelievable!! We would not know how to deal with this?- only to send? it to everybody we know! Thanks Rod!!

  2. mishy26mm

    The other Day I was trying to record a jet and chem trail on my camera, wasn’t that great but any way. As I was looking into the trail I saw a flash for a split second after the jet was miles away and it just disappeared I was hoping someone else had captured something like that on video but no such luck on my part. It was odd.


  3. Robert Lawrie

    I hate to say it but i don’t think those are anything good or positive for that matter.More like bad and? negative

  4. GreekTerminator

    these things are trying to protect us…
    the question is: when WE? will protect our own race from fake planes??

  5. Jerry2665

    Hello Rod. Amazing catch. I wonder if those UFOs are recon checking to see if the mixture of poison is right that is being sprayed.
    Thank you for your? awareness on this subject.
    Peace. J


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