The Red Road “As Revealed By Medicine Wolf”

  • Widescreen
  • 64 Minutes
  • Iroquois Medicine Man
  • A Wes Whittaker Film
  • Shot in Sedona, Arizona

Product Description
To Watch a Trailer: Youtube (Red Road Medicine Wolf)

An Iroquois Medicine Man becomes an MD and has a 100% cure rate of cancer
and other terminal illnesses. His reward? He loses his license to practice medicine,
has his lab and all of his belongings taken from him and is imprisoned along with
several of his colleagues. The American Medical Association had shown through their actions that practicing methods of medicine other than surgery and drugs, would result in … More >>

The Red Road “As Revealed By Medicine Wolf”

2 thoughts on “The Red Road “As Revealed By Medicine Wolf”

  1. sherrill jeter

    i put in a review with documentation to show this 1) isn’t a documentary and the producers did not do due diligence on credentials or veracity of experience; 2) that “medicine wolf” is one of 16 alias’ of convicted felon/con man named frank dearborn; and that i had spoken with one of the producers who did not care. this review and the review i submitted to respond to a request by a person on amazon with case documentation for the criminal and civil cases were removed. this is a shame as it allows the dvd to continue to be sold as if a total fiction is truth. there is no “medicine wolf” other than as an alias for frank dearborn to defraud others. he is not an MD and has no credentials or licenses other than his criminal record and time served in the Bureau of Prisons for 16 felonies that he pleaded guilty to. he is a con man. he is Caucasian–not a Native American or Iriquois.

    if this review is pulled down without appropriate notice to me, i will file a complaint.
    Rating: 1 / 5


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