14 thoughts on “The San Francisco Esoteric Adventure with Freeman HD

  1. Zeno1999

    @SupremeAmerican < Pagans worship same one God. They used idols/rituals as way to focus their mind. Certain angels(gods/goddess) were associated with certain objects of desire- all offshoot of astrology. All churches were built on pagan sites. When Muslims invaded Christian countries, they built mosque on top of old churches when Jaziya was not paid. One could worship God without any ritual/idols/church. Any large organization could be hijacked by any group. I think Freemasons are taken over.

  2. SupremeAmerican

    One of the biggest accomplishments of the establishment was when they failed to destroy christianity, they adopted it and put pagan sun worship symbols into it. Rome, about the time frame of 100 – 300 AD. And now the reality of Jesus is tarnished with pagan ideals and the roman catholic establishment, and child molesters. Kinda makes you wonder about when he said there would be many coming in his name that are of the anti-christ, wolves in sheeps clothing.

  3. MultiAliens

    Freeman is the don. Check out “Rik Clay” interviews. Freemans and riks research work together well.

  4. CrashmagnetMusic

    Fuck these assholes, we can take pictures everywhere and anywhere we want, its time to start tell jokers like that bald dude to shut the hell up

  5. mmaaxx1198

    Next time when the dude runs out and down the ally have someone in the bushes ready to run in when the door’s unlocked.

  6. mmaaxx1198

    NWO announcement took place on a year when the sun’s poles flipped, 911 happened the next time the poles flipped, and 2012 will be the next year the sun’s poles flip! Care to place any bets, hee hee hee.


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