The footage in this video shows several clips from one day, you will first see a crow watching all around, then a chemtrail plane flies over with several orbs flying around it, although it was not spraying it could have been sending out a frequency to change the weather as the clouds and rain were not long arriving after the plane flew past. You will then see some clips of the storm building up and the heavy rains that came, at the end you will see the state of the sky after the cloud clears again. All footage shot in black and white mode, with a telephoto lens on a Sony HDR-sr12. Thanks for watching, The Storms are Coming. MUSIC: Apollo 440 – The Man With The Harmonica

25 thoughts on “THE STORMS ARE COMING

  1. torolof

    thx matte i have the same camera but my cheap 4X telephoto is not good quality!

    which telephoto you are using?

  2. josephcderer

    it just gets better… is this music a new rendition of music from an old Henry Fonda western… think Charles Bronson was in it too…

  3. exposethenwo2012

    Thank you mate, this was the first footage i shot in black n white before editing,, it turned out alright. Glad ya liked it mate.

  4. rdkt123

    This has to be one of ..if not your best vids…
    very professionaly put obviously have a love for nature and photography/filming….
    monochrome mixed with that sound track
    scarry and chilling….
    these aircraft are possibly using a mobile version of harrp and combining with the chemtrails…..100 trillion stars*************** always look foreward to your work m8..

  5. UkTruthSeeker2009

    Great video footage that cameras brill .
    Well Done Cloud looks like dirty cotton wool or a better descriptuon old dirty loft installation materials. Same results chemtrails and loft installation both give you itchykoos

  6. AweSomo84

    I have noticed the white planes flying low checking underneath around the chemtrails .

    I also think that they are sending out frequencies, pint pointing out the next spray , check the spreading of the chemtrails etcx.

  7. AweSomo84

    Hey man excellent music chose, and the crows are watching me also 2 of them .

    I hear them all the time , love and peace my friend.

  8. studentdebts

    Love The Intro,The Black&White Footage With The Crow&The Haunting Soundtrack of The Harmonica,Once upon a time in The West,a great Visual&Sound Production Video,Best Video have seen this Year So Far:5*****&added2Favourites as This Video Brought a Chill Down My Spine:Totally Awesome Pal:-)

  9. sorrowfulsun

    The state of the sky afterwards – words fail me. Excellent video, really excellent. Had similar sky situation here in Mayo with low jet, not spraying, alongside aircraft laying trails, then rain, then even filthier sky.)

  10. BrenBrat5

    Awesome Video!
    That looks more like a Raven than a Crow, the longer curved beak. I had pet Raven as a child, his name was Scrimshaw LOL

  11. constitutionwatchdog

    Awesome vid bro. I love how you can see the sprayers on the plane, as well as the engines. Wakey wakey people
    Great job bro

  12. 0RN0T

    Not his fault. The sucker looked like morg central. One of the things that really screws with me…. the drone factor.
    We’re all about as ripe as it gets the way I see it. Just a matter of a few assorted loose ends, and holloween treats for all.
    That scaler action… try the edge of a 10-20 mile disc… they’re knee deep everywhere. There isn’t enough crits to cover them all. yet.
    Take Care,


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