THE TRUTH = Chemtrails CHEMTRAIL Plane 2 Part 3 of 3 CHEMTRAIL http

15 thoughts on “THE TRUTH = Chemtrails CHEMTRAIL Plane 2 Part 3 of 3

  1. Souls4Freedom

    Is the United Nations the ones responsible for this? Who are they telling to stop the Spraying? What plans do the Illuminati have next on their agenda of destruction?
    Watch Simpsons clues on “Did the Simpsons predict 9/11 and another FALSE FLAG IN NOVEMBER 2010?”

  2. Souls4Freedom

    What a beautiful day. Until……
    They started up but then it stopped. So are they trying to get rid of the last batch???
    So whats next????

  3. MULTO1965

    There was about a 2 week stop of chemtrails here in Ohio, but now its back to business as usual, they are everywhere here!

  4. StructuredDRIVING

    Please write “STOP THE NEW WORLD ORDER” on EVERY money bill that passes through your hands,sooner or later it WILL catch on.
    I implore you to do this.
    We have to stop these Psychopaths.
    If anyone can think of a better way to get the message out to the masses,please advise.
    Peace to you and your families.

  5. ENDtheFED2012

    or into ‘GRAIN PRODUCTION PRODUCTS’ ie. Tractor and Fertilizer company stock .
    GOOGLE; The Grain Trader -or- CME Group
    9-10 months is about all we have left . You’re gonna start to see the ‘craziest’ food prices ever seen in America . Milk itself is gonna jump to 5-7 dollars (depending on location) in January- mark my words !
    Good Luck Pimp-God Bless you and yours
    RON PAUL for POTUS in 2012

  6. ENDtheFED2012

    If you buy SILVER now @ about 27.00 $ per/once,… in 10-12 months you’ll be looking at 250.00-300.00 $ per/once .
    Some where I work are speculating prices as high as 350.00-400.00 $ per/once .
    Remember…SILVER is used about 1500X more then GOLD in Industry .
    When the demand for that SILVER goes up because of important industry needs,……you’ll have it to sell it .
    If you have a good chunk of capital to play with like 8-10,000.00 $, invest it in ‘GRAIN COMMODITIES’

  7. ENDtheFED2012

    Hey Pimp !!!!!!!!!!!
    Start buying SILVER with any money you have left !!!!!!!
    Do NOT buy GOLD right now ! When the Dollar drops by 35-45% in the next 9 months, GOLD is going to have some ‘pricing problems’ . There are more Gold-Receipt-Claims then there is GOLD to claim . ‘They’ have been manipulating GOLD prices for the past 12 years .
    SILVER is the way to go right now and for the future if you wanna hold onto what ever wealth you have left .

  8. valhala56

    In WW1 the Germans started using chemical weapons on the Battlefield. Mustard gas, Nerve gas and other weapons. The problem was the weapons had a lot of downsides, ie the prevailing winds could reverse and end up killing your own troops. Chemical weapons were not effective like say artillery where you didn’t have these sort of problems.
    The only was I could see that Chemical or Biological agents would be effective would be as used by terrorist as they could all get the hell a way.

  9. valhala56

    Generaly speaking I am a skeptical person. Now I would like somone knowledgable about Chemtrails to please explain one problem I have with Chemtraisl.
    Wouldn’t EVERYBODY be affected by the chemtrails? I mean lets say there was a NWO person or family in the Vicinity of a Chemtrail, they would get it too wouldn’t they?
    Please help me understand what is the point of Chemtrails?

  10. moinla

    Nov. 5, 2010
    So Cal is still getting sprayed ….real bad for the last 7 days. They did not stop the Stratospheric Aerosol Geo-Engineering Program in Southern California!
    The dog is hacking and I have a sore throat. Need to take my Silver Solution.

  11. haarpWillNOTbeSilent

    @commando602 He is an honest guy isn’t he… He’s not always right(at all lol), but he does try, so I almost always give him credit where credit is due..

  12. commando602

    Not a chemtrail…. It’s a contrail. You will know when you see a “Chemtrail”…You are doing good pimp…Most people would claim it to be a chemtrail but you were honest and said you are not sure… Thats why I sub you, your honest.


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