The “Vitamin Water” Deception

Created by the non-profit Consumer Wellness Center ( and narrated by Mike Adams (, this latest episode of the popular “Food Investigations” series exposes what’s really in Vitamin Water. It turns out the beverage is more “sugar water” than vitamin water, and even Coca-Cola’s own attorneys now publicly admit Vitamin Water is NOT a healthy beverage. See more at

25 thoughts on “The “Vitamin Water” Deception

  1. PrepperAries

    not the 13 grams implied? It doesnt imply 13 grams in the whole bottle, that aint the first thing that got me, from the beginning I could tell how ridiculous this is. Spend your time creating and spreading knowledge of value. We have enough endless amounts of evidance of corrupted foods and officials. Start changing things.? This video is a joke and you waste your own time creating it more so than all of our time. Goof.

  2. doosierty100

    The joke will be on them when they have cancer or look like shit in? 10 to 15 years. You do you, and that’s all that matters.

  3. SportsNation34

    you could do this bullshit for any product….its called reading a label….why do you? think america is fat as sh!t

  4. FutureLaugh

    all my friends make fun of me because i read food labels. They try to make emasculating jokes that i’m trying to lose weight because i don’t want to consume enormous amounts of sugar, transfat or put artificial sweeteners (poison) in my body. I guess all i can do is set the example and think up a new jig? when i’m dancing on their graves

  5. dAt3q

    I learn every day, but I can imagine indeed what the effect is. I remember in myself when I was a child I had way more deja vu’s, clairvoyances and my dreams where special. A lot of benevolent? information is hidden, just for example like hemp oil can cure cancer. Thx for your comment to me.

  6. fireorb2

    hey, you can’t get everything perfectly fresh. Even if the fruits and veges are contaminated via? insecticides you still need to get vitamins from somewhere.

  7. mcwolves71

    It has more vitamins than gatorade, that is the entire point? of the product. To be an alternative to gatorade. Anyone who drinks gatorade or vitamin water to “be healthy” is a fool. It was never meant to be or marketed as a health drink. It is an alternative sports drink (very few if any of which are “healthy”)

  8. Sugamari

    not many people know that the calcification of the pineal gland is the singlemost important attack on the human species. i never heard that sugar? does that but Fluoride definitely does.


    Brilliant work Health Ranger! Awareness must? be raised of great deceptions along these lines! All viewers should upload this to facebook etc.!

  10. fireorb2

    I didn’t fall for vitamin water the first day? it was released. How on earth can you get vitamins mixed with water it would be better to take real solid vitamins.

  11. TruthSeekingElf

    I never trusted this crap from day one. So grosse. The fact that they put rat poison in our water to ‘soft kill’ then they are fit for anything. I wouldn’t even buy bottled water, I don’t trust it. I drive to the top of a local mountain and bottle up on the pure spring water? there. But I have no choice but to shower and cook using poisoned water. So sick. People need to wake up faster than they are.

  12. Sundrumify

    … Thanks also for the info. I highly value the work of Mike Adams and very much appreciate the Newsletter he is sending? out. Salute!

  13. Donald Baker

    I DRINK it because it has reverse osmosis filtered water and NO Aspartame, the zero calorie sweeter is all natural. I DRINK ZERO NOT? FOR HEALTH BENIFITS BUT BECAUSE IT HAS NO HEALTH DETRIMENTS. People with appetite compulsions (I do what feels good) or blood suger issues should avoid all zero calorie sweeters.


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