the whole truth nothing but the truth–chemtrail particle fallout up close 8/7/2012

hit 720p large player—-the video reads 9/7 its 8/7 it was after midnight!!….decided to try capturing the haze in HS slow motion to get a clearer smoother slow motion I found it was best to use 60fps or 120fps.. 240fps was lacking in you will this stuff is thick yet invisible to the naked eye what is in this video has been raining down for 2 weeks why can’t I find any??…why cant I capture any in the air??..why can it only be seen in the light??…it seems intelligent and the rods,orbs and fastwalkers love it zipping in and out like it was a dooray..what is the real truth??…we got fucking hammered by trails the past three days its only going to get worse…currently making a minidoco to present to the community and paper on the chemtrailing/clouds/haze.. my UFO has caused a stir I feel the flow of it!!…with the right presentation something good might happen..please send me some helpful vibes:).peace

25 thoughts on “the whole truth nothing but the truth–chemtrail particle fallout up close 8/7/2012


    Thanks for the share. It s*cks big time! It’s sad that things have to go wrong before it get’s better. This needs? a global revolution! Much Peace to all!

  2. joesaiditstrue

    aluminum/aluminium oxide, barium oxide,? strontium oxide
    monsanto is now producing resistant seed to the chemicals from these chemtrails, because farmers can’t get normal seed to grow anymore due to the high pH of affected soils

  3. dancedeern

    thanx 4 showing us! again great work on things, we better? would not know. but now we´re in it. PEACE LOVE OM

  4. highbreedo

    effects unknown to me so far others in the states and? UK report health effects but nothing has been confirmed to be the result of chemtrails,YET..more ?s with no concrete answers and many theories..people are still learning from what I can iondetox,tabbott1009 or dutchsince you may find some facts on possible what and why’s..I know for sure we will find out sooner or later….peace

  5. highbreedo

    its the light being blocked by an object like your roof or a tree that lets the camera get the shot..the closer the object your using to block the sun the less you need to zoom.. in the shot I’m 5 mtrs from the tree using manual focus..the trick is to use the light..a dark background helps? but can be tricky to get right…if I use my finger to block the sun and use my eyes its just as bad…

  6. highbreedo

    not mine.. I have been to busy trying to document whats going on my studio is getting dusty!!!..lots? of inspiration trying to concentrate is hard:)…Thanks for watching…peace

  7. erikvanzanen

    What do u guys know abt the effect of these trails? they r spreading? Why r they here? 2 Poison us or reflect sunlight,?

  8. rogerhyde21

    Brilliant video? my friend. Sharing far and wide to extend the knowledge for those that don’t believe.
    Keep up the great work, from all here in the UK that are awake.:)

  9. TimozR

    We had seen these aircraft and trails yesterday in western Sydney aswell mate. Got some 500 hd photos? of the aircraft and aftermath. We have posted some on Facebook Informed Aussies page.

  10. TheAnalogical

    is this your own music too? Would you be willing to let us promote this if its your own music on PSTV channel? I will give? you details if so.

  11. highbreedo

    thats what I’m thinking…could be this is us!!!.can you PM a link? to sat dish orbs mate???…have the same thing in one of my vids……peace


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