TIME-LAPSE Making Fake Clouds over Az! Slow Kill Blues!

COPD, Lung Cancer, Upper resperatory Illness and Stomach Problems are all caused by the continuous bombardment of toxic aerial spraying over your home town! REAL NEWS TUCSON reporter Chris Haskell (10/30/09 Friday) shows astounding footage of Chemtrails over Tucson with Time-Lapse photography ….Chemtrail Pilots do circles! OMG! While normal jets leave short contrails! There is NO debating this! Sightseeing Maybe!? No, We are being sprayed! DO SOMETHING! Ron Paul 2012 (this is a mirror of a old video Uploaded by REALNEWSTUCSON on Nov 11, 2009

11 thoughts on “TIME-LAPSE Making Fake Clouds over Az! Slow Kill Blues!

  1. DesertWetBalls

    I see those all the time. I tried zooming with my camera but the image get distorted when I when? I take a picture. Wtf

  2. t0xicsky

    look at the crazy HAARP ripples at 40 – 45 seconds, im suprised he missed that. how come this isnt on? his channel?

  3. squirrelstyle

    This excellent mirror confirms two things… 1… Chris Haskell is the man… 2… I need my? own green screen, bad… Thanks xBLACKx

  4. Downyoceanhon

    These chem-trails kill two birds with one stone, With the world wide population at just about 7 billion people, the elites want a more manageable population by killing? us off. They will blame it on the global warming LIE so the masses will accept more intrusive taxes, which ultimately continues to line the pockets of the elites with our money. BTW, Ron Paul is not the answer…WE the people are, so get mad…mad as HELL!

  5. PROFILESophiaYates

    I have been wondering if most of them r drones. Remotely controlled from an undisclosed location. They r out there? today over me right now. 30 minutes ago while outside I saw a low low orange plane fly by not spraying This was odd It’s 55 degrees @ the moment in MA. I say the same thing “I never gave them permission” The sky & Air we breath is not 4 sale. The thing is they believe its their right to experiment on the people I’ll find the article that states this The Military was given permission

  6. MyNickdanger

    Thanks for the video. They have been spraying in Austin for a while now. Wake up,? People! Alluminum Dioxide, Barrium, Arsenic, and a Host of Other Nasty Chemicals! They Are Trying To Make Us All Sick! And It’s Working! Take care of Yourself, Everyone! Peace! Nick


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