Top 20 Most Amazing Weather Phenomena!! 2011 Phenomenon!

Aurora Borealis, Ball Lightning, Morning Glory, And More!! Simply Amazing! Some of these formations and phenomenons are man made!! Fogbow=Chembow.. And so on.. Its funny how they named some of these phenomenon.. Please Share and Rate this video if you enjoyed it!!

25 thoughts on “Top 20 Most Amazing Weather Phenomena!! 2011 Phenomenon!

  1. HigherWaysWoman

    agree 100%!!? appreciate you making that distinction & caring enuff to help educate others so they don’t fall for what they are doing, manipulating, putting us all thru. Be Blessed, Be Well & May You “Always” Be At Peace =^-^= p.s. had to thumb up your comment

  2. countessarcadius

    many of these things such as the cloud rainbow are caused by HIGH AMOUNTS OF PARTICULATE from chemtrails, there is so much weather manipulation going on, it;s hard to tell what;s natural these days, our? atmosphere is UNNATURAL, high ionization, and CHARGED BECAUSE OF THE CHEMTRAILS, you have to love how NASA, weather companies, etc, are putting out vids just like this one, or newscasts, TO MANIPULATE AND CONDITION THE WATCHER, INTO BELIEVING some are phenomena, when in fact THEY ARE NOT

  3. grangersmith

    You know I think this is a propaganda film. If you can spend the time and check this out many of these common rare clouds were not even seen or known about written about 40 years of less ago. I know..So I am not too happy or thrilled with? this piece, who did it,and when was it done? Just curious. Thanks for putting it out there.

  4. UkTruthSeeker2009

    Morning Glory LOL They are CHEMTRAILS hahaha Infact the majority of them NEW weather fronts are chemtrail cloud
    They must think the whole human race has been going round with their eyes closed for year .Many of these have only been around? the last few years


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