Toxic Sky part 2- CHEMTRAILS (NBC4.TV)

This is (10 months later) part 2 from the NBC4 report on “CHEMTRAILS”.Actually the real name for these “lines in the sky” (that DON’T dissepate) are :AEROSOL SCATTERINGS brought to you by the ARM program (Atmospheric Radiation Mesurement) and the DOE Check out and,two great websites about this. If you type into Google: Indirect-Direct Aerosol Campaign ,Bethel,DOE…you will get all the info FOR REAL!!! Let’s bring this to the light and get our BLUE SKIES BACK!!!

25 thoughts on “Toxic Sky part 2- CHEMTRAILS (NBC4.TV)

  1. gunthaarz

    @gunthaarz The assholes at the water company only tests the water once a month??? Yeah, I guess private companies cant waste too much money on safety testing when they’ve got a few filthy rich owners income and profits to worry about…

  2. faheemthedream2007

    i’m starting to have long ‘hair-like’ threads on my arm and back. is that Normal? I live in Southern California. also been sick for 1 month now, constant runny nose and sneezing? are those some of the side effects?

  3. CuteShooter

    Anyone who sees these with their own eyes and still thinks these are normal contrails is either an idiot, a fool, a dope, a clown, a schmuck, in on it, a knee-jerk defender of the “system”…. or just plain DUMB.

  4. SparklesofUnity

    You all want your answer people of the world? Very very easy answer, its called population control? Want proof? Look up the Georgia guide stone or aka american stonehenge, ITs not a conspiracy its right in your fuckin’ face and you dont even realize it. God people are sleeping like hell, I cant believe people cant notice all of this, simply unbelievable.

  5. Slavestorms

    They keep you sick enough to rely upon the state approved medical industrial complex but well enough to continue to work for the military industrial complex, pay taxes to the government industrial complex & raise ignorant citizens for the criminal industrial complex

    Is this your first week here on slave ship earth Do you often get bored Watch a lot of tell lie vision?

    What are your credentials to be contradicting the facts of reality & LMAO at people who are also concerned for your health

  6. GOBFilms

    Gary Benson of NASA an U.C Irvine is a tool. Giant reflectors in space? Fertilization of the ocean with iron?

  7. Jayn0o

    they admitted using chemtrails composed of barium and aluminum ‘at safe levels lol’ to combat ‘global warming’ … no need to look further ‘google anything’ to understand that they are spraying us… for the peoples safety of course huh… now go back to your aspartame rich diet and go watch some sports and let the adults handle this.

  8. mexicanskip



    Who ever wouldn’t believe this is kind of in denile. The people who are responsible for our air, NASA the Air Force… Already said that is how they will/already are combating the “warming” problem…

    What more proof do you need?

    lol. I mean seriously!!!!!!

  9. glennwa11

    Another “believe everything you google lunatic”.
    Ok, go google “mermaids on the moon”.
    Really, open your mind, they really are up there! Just google it, and believe it. Can’t wait to see this conspiracy get started.

  10. jcrules54733

    Anyone know the Air Force started weapons experiments on the West Coast in last month (March 09)? It’ll be ongoing for the next 5 years. Both old and NEW weapons are being tested on WE THE PEOPLE. We don’t know what these new weapons are! The A.F. will NOT list all the chemcals, bio-agents etc. they’ll be testing on us. It may kill marine life off the Coast & have a hazardous effect on all living things. See: californiaskywatch (dot) com. Insanity runs rampant in the U.S. at the top.

  11. jcrules54733

    Don’t you know whose had total control of our media for the past 50 years? Type “Jews control media” into ixquick (a totally private search engine which doesn’t record you ISP address and who doesn’t spy on you like google does. Then when you’re done with that go to realjewnews. It’s a website owned by a wonderful Jewish man whose courageous enough to blow the cover off why our country is hitting the skids. Also check out I Am The Witness website and Dr. David Duke.

  12. jcrules54733

    Are YOU for real? Go to Google and watch Endgame. It’s all documented. Also google Genocide and Eugenics. Get educated and open your mind and your eyes.

  13. URAterrorist

    Chemtrails Are: Persistent lines of chemical-infused aerosol spray dispersals from typically unmarked planes which are now seen in the sky all over the world. Unlike normal jet contrails formed from water vapor, chemtrails spread to form a thick blanket of cloud cover, held together by polymer fibers until they reach the ground, contaminating crops, water supplies and humans with radioactive soft metals and dessicated red blood cells which contain active human pathogens.

  14. glennwa11

    “Its not to combat global warming, its to actually kill humans off slowly”

    Are you for real? This already happens…naturally. Its called old age. We all die off slowly, without any help. What would be the point of killing us off slowly?

  15. ivehaddreams

    We need to ask how is it NOT getting into our drinking water and NOT how is it getting into our drink water. We get our drinking water from clouds the last time I knew. Didn’t reporters go to school and learn at least a little Science? They should be all over this( the media). They report traffic tickets that our hollywood stars get but don’t know what is happening a few thousand feet over the Heads. Maybe they have inhaled to much already. How is this going to affect our agriculture? or animals

  16. ivehaddreams

    Where is the voice for CDC(center for disease control)? Where is the environmental agency? or the environmental activist? How about someone who understands “pollutants” and their effect on people? where are you? help by using your knowledge to “blow” the whistle this would include doctors, scientist, ecologist, biologist. I ask again WHERE R U? If you don’t speakup then you become an accomplice to this catastrophic horror. It is also your children/grandchildren who will reap the unknown future.

  17. ivehaddreams

    We worry about our Rain Forrest, rivers, and Streams. Recycle paper, aluminum, and other things to do our part. And they do this to our skies? I can’t even get a clear look up anymore to enjoy the beauty for these things and they tell us nothing is wrong or dangerous. The younger generation might buy this lie but I definitely don’t. Wake up Young people fight for your generation before it cease to exist. YOU should yell and yell LOUD and long. 2nd hand smoke will be the least of your worries.

  18. ivehaddreams

    Wakeup people. you can see that the Air Force and Nasa insults us all and treating us the american public who “finance” their “covert” actions like we are “complete” idiots. Who approved this without public awareness or consent? We use to have rights but not according to nasa or the air force. And they want to give us a citation for “pollution”? I see many planes that do not do this or leave the slightest trail. Nasa and the Air Force has lost all crediblity as far as I am concerned.

  19. skateonme

    Its not to combat global warming, its to actually kill humans off slowly. Its the governments legal way of getting rid of people because USA is way to crowded. If this is affecting people by getting sick the government would stop it. Hmm just my two cents and just a though. Think outside the box.

  20. cranegaroo

    I live in Flint, MI! A few hours away from GR! I knew GR was the first. I always just thought it was the Super-Corrupt Republican Dovos brothers! Dick Dovos tried to run for Gov. here… Over spent… Got his ass kicked!

  21. anonymouspatriotUSA

    Exactly, because after 1948 the U.S. used the captured Nazi scientists programs (they used to fluoridate the death camp food/water to pacify the populations, reduce riots, & escape attempts).
    Starting in 1948 with Grand Rapids, MI, a flawed study about fluoride in TX was used as justification to dose everybody.
    Nice teeth…corpse.

  22. faithmichaels

    China made it rain by seeding the clouds to break a draught so If they can U know we can also I have noticed the difference in contrails and chemtrails – chemtrails criscross the sky real high and leave trails that expand and then within a few hours we have a haze then clouds Contrails just dissapear after a bit and no clouds or haze forms


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