1. JimBridger100

    Why is there a gap between the engine and the trail- like every other contrail? Is that the time it takes for the water vapor to freeze?

    If it was “sprayed” would there be a gap?

    Why do clouds “start and stop”?

    Has anyone who believes in chemtrails ever actually studied atmospheric physics?

    Just askin’.

  2. Larryonoff333

    Wow- what science class wouldn’t do the youtube herd- it would destroy their whole mythos…

    This can’t even BE a ‘chemtrail’ cuz it doesn’t persist…now they are forgetting their own definitions…


  3. AntiPirateSquad

    That’s what jet engines do when hitting dense pockets of moisture in the air….?

    Nope…. It’s the build up to New World Order….

    Trust no one…. definately not those who exercise power over you….

    Check out Common Purpose … you’ll see.

    Great video!

  4. ExquisiteDoom

    lol , i researched those chemtraisl for quite soem time now, i know 95% of the vids out there are bullshit, but now, i see it happen over the top of my head right there. The sky was completely and i mean completely clear, then i noticed some trails in the sky, 1…. 2…. 3 trails, i went outside and started to see a plane spread in a cross pattern over the 3 first ones. As time goes by, clouds start to form, i’m talking about cumulus clouds here. Can a meteorologist explain to me WTF is this?

  5. 91177info

    I am not going to bore you with all the qualifications I have.

    If it turns out that I am a dummy at least I am a concerned dummy who cares for man and the planet.

    I shall be judged by god and by history.

  6. 91177info

    Please sign the online? Chemtrail petition at Number 10 Downing Street. See my channel for link and info. Please spread the petition link, thankyou.

  7. Th3TruthSeek3rs

    hello world this shit is happening all the place ,ive been watching this shit now for 2 years in FIFE scotland ,but what im noticing now is that it is ever day now not just ever other day seen it all tic tac toe ,and big crosses in the skys spread the word people ,your friends will think your mad,but they will start to notice it Peace people :)

  8. studentdebts

    Excellent Piece Of Film Footage,The Military Spraying Programme-Operation Is Being Done In”Plane-Sight”Oblivious2 Everyone Who Is Not Awake,Alert&Aware. Thanks4Sharing.5/5From Us Here.

  9. GENERAL1002

    Alot of ppl are paying more attention to chemtrails, and 2012 doomsday shit and, illuminati/NWO conspiracies. It’s obvious that something is going on but alot of the stuff on the net is BS. However, I find it kind of disturbing that nobody really gives any views to the debunked theories…

  10. intrascoobz

    I’ve seen this all last year. 3 jets back & forth. Since the holidays it is everyday early in the morning. Since end of Jan., now it is 7 jets at least 12 hrs per day that I can keep track of. Circling around in sight. So questionable, costly & economy collapsed? Blanketed skies & rarely blue skies! Sooty dark clouds. Who ordered this to be done? Why? People don’t notice when fast-paced lives or depressed & looking down! Goop on windows other nite before the rains came~too surreal!

  11. Catalina1956

    Chem trails have been blasting us all MONTH!!!! Doctor’s report this new “virus” or “bug” affects the sinuses, upper and lower mucus linings and lasts for weeks…we all have it here in ARIZONA…but then the chems are made right here in Tucson (EVERGREEN, INC) God help us!

  12. Runinfox

    Send this to ALL Universities.You must PROVE to the youngsters that they ARE DEAD MEAT.
    They will not reach OLD AGE. IF they refuse to understand and let their Friends KNOW. Then WE are DOOMED and they along with US.
    If the News Media in the Universities REFUSE this INFO-They Have Truly SOLD their SOULS with their Cowardness
    And at such a Young Age is a GREAT TRAVESTY


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