Trippy Sky Phenomenon!!! Incedible Designs In Chemical Clouds!! Man Made?

These Clouds are AMAZING!!!!! WOW WOW WOW!! Insane Designs in sky!! If you enjoyed this video please rate and share it!!

25 thoughts on “Trippy Sky Phenomenon!!! Incedible Designs In Chemical Clouds!! Man Made?

  1. neko9

    @jlikens666 Rollingus on the floorus laughingus. Yep, poor meteorologists suddenly discovered new clouds five years ago. “Naturally” occuring for five? years… Gimme a break

  2. jlikens666

    Undulatus Asperatus, it’s a naturally occurring cloud you dumb fucks!!! Son of a? bitch get some common fucking sense!!

  3. Kruizlinx

    @Gaelicfella2011 You know what scares me even more, that people don’t even care..
    90% of the? people i talk to about ”this stuff” (chemtrails, aliens, secret societies, conspiracies etc) they dismiss it right away!
    Not willing to debate or not even looking information up for 1 fucking min!!
    Our society has become so selfish it’s so sad. me me me, mine mine mine, they don;t care if people have nothing to eat, aslong as they themselves can stuff their bellies.
    But guys like you give me hope!

  4. liquidD420

    If those clouds are natural then im an alien sent to destroy you all lol thats about as natural as phillis diller? in a thong…one of my best friends is a meteoroligist and he said that he`s never seen such a thing…i dont know what they are from but what i do know is they`re not NATURAL

  5. guitariist

    @Gaelicfella2011 No. It shouldn’t scare? anyone. Fear is the #1 cause of corruption. Lose all fear, and you will see all that needs to be seen. Trust in yourself and in love. Your mind is the only sanctuary from the chaos around you…

  6. MattCeezyFTB

    These are a type of clouds…. Why are you guys so negative. Its not being realistic, you guys are just scaring yourselves, admit it or not. Youtube videos aren’t going to hand you an explanation, man. Get outside, vote and don’t believe in the internet. Stuff like this is just as redundant and fear? mongering as the news, man. Live a little. This is beautiful.

  7. maathoth

    It’s necessary for the chemtrails, most of the time anyhow. The barium absorbs gamma rays coming in on us all. If the gamma rays get through, we are toast; a? lot sooner than the barium could kill us. These are the grim facts.

  8. coolbreeze922

    @sourDeez2 Nothing unnatural, as I said. Just a beautiful sunset. Maybe if you look up more often, you’d appreciate the beauty of? the planet you live on.


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