Tucson Air Quality controll! 10/04/2012 Thank You Newscasters!

Very Important….Air Quality Controll in Tucson Az! Yes, thats why the wonderfull people on the news this morning (10/04/2012) said they will warn us with certain color flags across town to let us know when the air is safe to breath because our vehicles are producing this nasty poisonous air. Thank you ..wonderful news people…looking out for our best interest!!! Oh and by the way, We should start doing Geo-engineering to help save our planet…Please. Oh…and Chemtrails do not exist! Have a nice day!Real News Tucson

5 thoughts on “Tucson Air Quality controll! 10/04/2012 Thank You Newscasters!

  1. DevonThing

    They really said they would use different colour flags? Flags in 2012? Are they for real?

    Thats just disgusting and just what we should expect from them…dirty evil *$%£*’s.

    Thanks for? posting mate.


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