Twin Chemtrail Planes vs. Orb UFO’s

Friday, January 6, 2012 San Diego, CA — Early morning blue skies quickly become overcast after geoengineering aerosol planes spray artificial cloud banks, often two at a time. Unidentified flying objects, or light orbs, appear to fly past and around the chemtrail jets at high speeds. Video clip index: 0:01 Plane sprays two chemtrails in a line and flies away [real time]. 0:42 Plane spraying long chemtrail line [real time]. 0:54 Plane with ufo orb flyby [real time]. 0:59 REPLAY of previous 5 second clip in high contrast [quarter time slow motion]. 1:19 Another plane spraying a long segmented chemtrail [double time]. 1:49 REPLAY of previous 30 second clip in high contrast [real time]. 2:49 Plane sprays across expanded chemtrail — note the size of the fresh “contrail” in relation to how wide the previous trails have spread out [real time]. 3:06 Another plane spraying a long chemtrail [double time]. 3:15 Same plane continued [double time]. 3:22 Same plane continued [double time]. 3:30 Same plane continued [double time]. 3:43 REPLAY of part of previous 12 second clip in high contrast [real time]. 3:53 Plane curves left and continues spraying across another spread out chemtrail [double time]. 4:27 Two military Osprey aircraft fly by in clear view of the chemtrail operations [real time]. 4:46 Another plane curves to the left after spraying a long chemtrail [double time]. 5:01 Twin chem planes spraying at the same time [double time]. 5:06 Twin chem planes head toward same area

25 thoughts on “Twin Chemtrail Planes vs. Orb UFO’s

  1. mzedong001

    I support shooting down chemtrail aircraft. My? country should have an anti chemtrail aircraft missile defense

  2. sebandpet

    ho shit!! u make me feel better!! i was thinking i am alone to see that!!! thank!!s i catch better then that!!? (2 min 12) (chouette somphet)

  3. wahinni7

    Wonderful documentation!
    Occupy Monsanto! Occupy the World? Meteorological society!
    No to Geo-engineering!
    Push for a world wide lawsuit!
    Our children deserve better!

  4. Greekpolitics1

    Per aiutarci???? Chi? i? assassini della humanita e la terra?
    Spruzzate chimiche:

  5. TheAl3db

    … sappiamo solo che le scie sono formate per il 96% di Bario … il cielo del mio paese è sempre irrorato da questi aerei passano di continuo … non ho capito ancora se è per ucciderci o per aiutarci …?


    Remember you must be sweating and expose the sweat to the rays and then let it reabsorb or evaporate naturally and then don’t shower? . It’s not just sun and skin .
    The best deal on vitamin D is wallgreens on sale .

  7. sTaYbLaZiNuP

    I’ve been watching these planes flying all over my town close the the ground big ass gray cargo planes with weird smoke? coming out of it

  8. emadleiman47

    Thanks for uploading.

    Good catch spotting the flyby. I did not see the flyby at 0:54? but did see it moving quickly at 1:00.

  9. TheStreeser1

    Thanks for Your kind answer, I see You are wide awake! Please drop by my channel , DenmarkIm sure You? will like the material there . Much love from Jan in Denmark :).

  10. telemetry9

    the persistent trails where right up where I live. I noticed them sitting in my friend’s house. I pointed them out to her and we all saw how they weren’t going anywhere. It was a very bright day but paradoxically the sky was a powder blue rather than a vivid blue.? There was definitely a haze.
    What really got me though is that we have beautiful full moons in this present cycle. The moon was low in the sky and it was surrounded and obscured by the same haze. That did surprise me.

  11. ParkerCherokee

    Our Vitamin D levels are low due to Chemtrails. We need our? pure sun and our government is killing us in many ways this is just another way. They are lying to us about sun causing cancer what is causing cancer is the blocking of the sun with Chemtrail haze chemicals. When you do see a bright blue sky get outside and soak up those sun rays while you can.

  12. telemetry9

    Do aircraft engines emit soot? If so – then ice crystals could surround? the soot particles and stick around for longer.
    just a theory.

  13. stealthwavef22raptor

    the orbs are monitoring this? project they take in information and relay to the program its all bout destroying living earth beings

  14. StrangeSoundsInfo

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  15. 2PacChopra

    today Jan 4 horrible Pop dusters. Wall street journal debunks MM global swarming! Something’s got to give I’ve been flashing them with mirrors if they’re not drones already. ? usually when Congress pushes something through this hard it’s because it’s already happening- spraying drones. I know they’ve had some trouble with pilot remorse.


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